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Requirements These are the list of post required in our company and they are 1Service Manager 2 Marketing Professional 3 Service in-house instructor 4 Body amp Paint Foreman 5 General Job Technician 6 Job Controller 7 Maintenance Reminder Staff 8 Accounting Staff 9 Credit Card collection Staff 10Accounting Supervisor 11 Auto Finance Staff 12 Cashier 13 Customers relations Staff 14 Executive Secretary 15 Kerosene Organizational Development Staff 16 Programmer 17 Training Officer 18 Cleaner 19 Office Assistant 20 HR Officer 21Supervisor 22 Electrician 23 Driver 24Carpenter 25Forman 26Safety Officer 27Crane Operator 28Forklifter 29Pipe Fitter 30Welder 31Plumber 32Time Keeper 33Store Keeper 34Mason 35JCB Operator 36AUTO CAD Operator 37RCC 38Wall Painter 39Gardener 40Office Boy Girl 41Rigger 42Electricians 43Grass Cutter 44Grinder 45Civil Engineer 46Cook 47Ac Technician 48Data Entry 49Security 50Truck Drivers 51Pop Workers 52Excavator operator 53Mechanical Engineer 54Automobiles Engineer... 55Power plant engineer 56Boiler operator 57Petroleum engineer Where to work Canada Toronto Conditions CV and valid passport


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