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Purpose: Your primary responsibilities is to support the QHSE Manager in the delivery of service to function departments in regards to QHSE Management systems.

Qualifications And Personal Attributes
Must have a minimum of senior high school level certificate and a diploma in occupational safety health and environment, training in any related filed of safety health and environment is added advantage.
• Creative, self-motivated, proactive and confident
• Able to work with other staff from other Departments, as well as the clients
Knowledge in occupational, health and safety, food safety and environment
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Be physically fit and be able to pass pre-employment and medical examinations
• Ability to listen and learn skills required in performing health, safety and environment

Your Responsibilities
• Carry out weekly audits on all ATS vehicles both company and hired in the projects using the prescribed form
• Using... prescribed audit checklist to carry out initial audits on all ATS vehicles both company and hired to confirm whether they meet the required standard before they are allowed to work on site
• Keep an up-to-date register of all vehicles in your projects
• Enforce both ATS and client driving regulation
• Ensure daily cleaning log sheets are completed for all chop vehicles and all other vehicles being used to transport food
• Ensure drivers are in appropriate PPE at all times when on duty

Ppe Duties
• Ensure all staff working on the project have appropriate PPE required for the job as prescribed in the ATS PPE matrix or captured in a risk assessment or job hazard analysis
• Ensure all PPEs are in serviceable condition at all times
• Inspect staff PPE periodically and ensure it meets the required standard at all times
• Ensure staff wear appropriate PPE at all times and no one is found without the required PPE
• Control the PPE issuing process. PPE to be sourced from stores and the HSE Officer should issue these to the staff and keep records of all PPE issued
• Liaise with human resources department to discipline any staff found to contravene PPE wearing requirement as per ATS staff agreement contract, national and international legislative requirements and the CBA between ATS and the union where applicable

Paper Work
• Ensure we have the HSE filing system in place at the project site
• Update all paper work i.e., daily, weekly, monthly promptly and file
• Ensure any due diligence record not captured in filing system is filed away safely

• Attend all daily, weekly or monthly management meetings at your location
• Carry out audit using the prescribed audit checklist at least once a week for F&B, laundry and accommodation and at least once every fortnight for maintenance operation
• Follow up on corrective/preventive action from both company and client audits/inspection and ensure they are closed out
• Post your daily report on the bulletin board daily
• Complete and send all required report i.e., daily, monthly etc to all the required people
• Participate in the day-to-day activities of the project and be a team player at all times
• Give suggestion to project management on ways of improving HSE and document these suggestion for future reference
• Organize and participate in the daily pre-shift meeting and weekly toolbox meeting
• Assist managers/supervisors to conduct risk assessment/job hazard analysis on all jobs both new and existing that are performed in your project and maintain records of the same
• Ensure all chemicals in use have valid MSDS. No new chemical should be brought to site before approval of the MSDS by the Group OST Manager or client/or both
• Organize and ensure all staff undergo medical examination as prescribed in the medical policy and procedure and declared fit before they start working.
• Induct new staff on general health and safety as part of the permit to work procedure

• Food Safety Training – All staff must be trained in basic food hygiene regardless of the department they work. All food handlers, supervisors and managers must be trained in Intermediate Food Safety
• Equipment Use Training – Train staff on how to identify hazards when using tools and equipment’s
• Client Training Attendance – You must attend all relevant and mandatory trainings that are carried out by the client and you must ensure that all required staff also attend, these training will include but not limited to firefighting, first aid, hazard identification etc
• Training in maintenance procedures like LOTO, working at heights etc. where applicable
• Induction – Ensure all new staff attend the client induction program prior to commencement of work
• Training Matrix – Keep the training matrix updated at all times
• Training Need Assessment – Identify the training requirement of staff in your project and ensure that they are trained commensurate to their work
All trainings must be documented

Supplier Management
• Carry out audit of suppliers using the prescribed checklist of both existing and prospective suppliers, send report to HSE manager for review and approval
• Audits must be carried out following the appropriate procedures as prescribed on relevant documents
• Communicate findings of supplier audit report to the supplier and follow up to ensure corrective/preventive actions are addressed
• Must ensure all procurements are from approved suppliers
• Must liaise with Community and Social Responsibility department in managing local suppliers

Education Requirement: No Requirements

Job Experience: No Requirements

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months:

Level of Education
Lusaka Zambia


Apply - QHSE Officer Lusaka