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Job Description
• under the leadership of the project manager, according to the company's requirements to complete the site management work
• be responsible for the preparation of management implementation rules, approved by the project manager and then implemented
• familiar with construction drawings, master construction specifications, strict implementation of the company, the project department of the rules and regulations
• do construction drawings, design changes and other technical documents collection, registration, and notification of the relevant parties to comply with the implementation.
• review the plans, programmes, applications, certificates, changes, reports and other information submitted by the construction unit
• responsible for the inspection of incoming materials, equipment, semi-finished products, machinery, tools and so on.
• timely inspection, understanding and discovery of subcontracting units in the technical, organisational and economic problems, and report... to the project manager, in order to study countermeasures to solve the problem.
• in-depth timely detection and treatment of the site may occur or has occurred in the quality of the project.
• responsible for on-site construction safety, fire prevention, anti-theft inspection and supervision
• Participate in the inspection and acceptance of each stage of the project.
• record the management diary, assist the project manager to complete the management of the monthly progress report, and truthfully fill in the original records.
• report quality accidents, safety accidents and abnormalities on site in a timely manner
• make regular summaries of site management work
• be responsible for completing the statistical work of project information (including work related to progress, quality and safety), and be responsible for archiving and transferring the completed information, records to the headquarter for retention.
• Assisting in the management of materials , keeping track of the amount needed and the amount in stock, and being present to supervise the use of the materials to eliminate waste.
• Complete other tasks assigned by the project manager.

Job Requirements

• 3 years experience

How to Apply
Interested and Qualified applicants can apply through :[email protected] in person
contact number :0904169105


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