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1. Responsible for the construction of the warehouse quality control system, formulate the process and standards of the quality system, and ensure that the operation team accurately completes various tasks;
2. Coordinate the strategy execution of warehouse operation, be responsible for the achievement of operation quality and customer experience, formulate solutions to problems in the process of warehouse operation and implement them to solve them
3. Coordinate with the headquarters to manage the warehouse operation, lead the formulation of the complete promotion plan for the entire warehouse operation, and follow up and implement the guarantee to achieve the operation goal
4. Undertake the KPI of warehouse operation, lead the management and connection of the core KPI of warehouse operation, formulate and split the goals of each operation park on a monthly basis, and assess the achievement of the park experience
5. Docking regions and business lines, coordinating communication and... solving the operational linkage issues across lines and departments.
6. Team building and the formulation of incentive assessment plans to achieve a win-win situation for the company and employees
Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


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