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We are looking for a talented, passionate Localization Specialist to join our growing Localization team based in Shenzhen. The successful candidate will be responsible for producing, optimizing, publishing, and maintaining high-quality content across our games, marketing, and operations-related content, ensuring our Korean-speaking players have a seamless and positive user experience.

1. Work collaboratively with developers and publishing teams to ensure Korean-speaking players have a seamless and positive user experience.
2. Support the localization team, including but not limited to transcreation of in-game content, editing in-game content, operations content translation/write-up/editing, marketing copywriting/editing/translation, development of the lore, game wrapping, scriptwriting, etc., and taking ownership for localization quality and accuracy.
3. Conduct in-game testing to ensure appropriateness and localization quality in-game
4. Stay on top of social media... and media trends and assist in ideating and creating content for advertisement/social media platforms.
5. Set the overall linguistic style, lore, story/dialogue, adjustments, and other language-related particulars.
6. Prepare style guides, game guides, and other relevant information to be used by translators.
7. Oversee the overall translation/transcreation Process to ensure we have an appropriate balance between speed & quality.
8. Advise the project manager on time & the procedure needed to ensure quality translation


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