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Job Summary

The University announces the international job opening for a period of 30 business days counting from the day after this notice is published in Diário da República for the position of one (1) Assistant Professor in the disciplinary area of Musical Sciences, subarea of Historic Musical Sciences, preferably with a relevant curriculum in the domains of Contemporary Music and Music Composition Techniques, at NOVA School of Sciences and Humanities. This recruitment process is restricted to candidates who are covered by the extraordinary regularization programme of precarious institutional links (PREVPAP).

This job opening as well as the Committee nomination were authorized by order of Professor João Sàágua, Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. This is a call for applications procedure and follows the guidelines stated in the Law 112/2017, December 29 (PREVPAP), articles 37 and following of the University Teacher Career Statute (ECDU) and of the NOVA University Regulation... for University Teacher Career Applications.
• According to article 41.º-A of ECDU the requirement for applying to this procedure is to hold a PhD degree.
• The candidates must hold a PhD degree in the area of Music or Musical Sciences.
• To be master in spoken and written Portuguese.
• Experience in the exercise of the functions as well as in the content of the career/category of this job opening, without a proper juridical bond which is recognised by the article 3 of the Law 112/2017, December 29.

Submission of applications:

Applications can be handed in at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas - Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, located on the Avenida de Berna, 26-C, 1069-061 Lisbon, Expedient and Archive Service (9:00 am - 4:30 p.m.); or they can be sent by post to the same address with a stamp of the expedition date until the last day of the application period. The envelopes must have the reference of the Public Notice. Applications are formalized with the following supporting documents that should preferably be digital:
• Documents proving the fulfilment of the legal requirements demanded in no.
• Curriculum of the candidate organized according to point III of this Public Notice, indicating finished and published works as well as performed activities;
• 1 copie of each work mentioned in the curriculum, namely, the most representative in what the candidate’s contribution to the development and evolution of the disciplinary area of this call;
• Research and Teaching Development Project that the candidate intends to adopt in the future and that proves his/her contribution to the fulfillment of the institution’s mission.
• The candidate should indicate the e-mail address and give his/her permission on the application form so that all the communications and notifications within this recruitment process are made by e-mail.
• All applications must include a list of the supporting documents. The documents should preferably be in digital format (pdf), accordingly: i) send the documents in digital format and in duplicate (2 pen drives) or ii) send 9 copies of each document, in paper.
• The supporting documents for proving the requirements for recruitment in public functions may be replaced by a statement on the above-mentioned application form.
• Applications duly instructed with the above-mentioned documents, must be submitted within 30 business days, counting from the day immediately after the publication of this Notice in Diário da República.
• The supporting documents of the application must be written in Portuguese or in English.

Selection Process:
• After the deadline for applications, the Committee meets for assessing and ranking the candidates.
• Based on the curricula assessment, their suitability to the scientific area and subarea of this call, the supporting documents and their evaluation according to the above-mentioned criteria, the Committee admits the candidates with a final classification of 50 or more and excludes the candidates with a final classification of less than 50.
• The candidates who are not admitted will be notified in the terms of the Code of Administrative Procedure.
• The Committee publicizes the list of admitted candidates, considering the order of their evaluation as well as a written statement.
• The order of the final list of the admitted candidates is determined by the Committee votes, according to the list formerly mentioned, and in accordance with no. 11 al. a) to f) of article 16 of NOVA University Regulation for University Teacher Career Applications.
• The admitted and excluded candidates are notified by e-mail according to no. 1 c) and no. 2 b) of article 112 of the Code of Administrative Procedure.
• The process of the application can be consulted by the candidates on request at the Scientific and Teaching Support Unit (Teaching and Quality Support Division) at NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities – Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.
• If the Pd.D. degree of the winner candidate has been obtained from a foreigner university, its recognition must obey the Decree-Law 66/2018, August 16. The candidates must undertake all the formal obligations described in this diploma until the day of the signature of the contract, under penalty of exclusion.
• Pursuant to subparagraph h) of the article 9 of the Constitution, the Portuguese State, as employer, actively promotes a policy of equal opportunities among men and women in the access to employment and career development, and takes scrupulous measures to avoid every form of discrimination
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