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Position: Driver
Location: Kampala Uganda
Duty Station: Ishasha Sector, QENP
Reports to: Carnivore Conservation Coordinator
Liaises with: Country Director
Start Date: June 2024
Position Type: Full-time
Organization Background
The WCS Uganda carnivore program is to promote effective conservation of carnivores and their ecosystems by developing and leading science based, community-driven, field conservation and UWA capacity building program. WCS developed the lion recovery plan for Ishasha sector, QENP that focuses on three priority pillars. 1) strong and effective operational law enforcement, 2) HWC mitigation, 3) research and monitoring, and 4) community conservation education.

Program Overview
The WCS goal in the QENP landscape is to halt the current decline of lions and foster their recovery by developing and leading science based, community driven and field conservation and UWA capacity Building programs in the landscape. The long-term impact of this effort will be to double the... current lion population, restoring it to pre-2010 levels whereas the WCS Uganda carnivore program goal is to promote effective conservation of carnivores and their ecosystems by developing and leading science based, community-driven, field conservation and UWA capacity building programs in Murchison – Semliki, and Greater Virunga Landscapes
Role of the driver
The driver will be responsible for driving the field staff in support of WCS’s Conservation work in Ishasha sector, Queen Elizabeth National Park located in Greater Virunga Landscape, one of its
stronghold landscapes.

The specific job duties and responsibilities of the driver are:
• Drive WCS Vehicles to support the program staff to implement project activities in the
• landscapes where we work, mainly Murchison-Semliki and Greater Virunga Landscape
• Transport field equipment and materials to the project sites
• Ensure safety and security of both WCS staff and the vehicle as you conduct assigned tasks
• by the project manager or any other supervisor
• Record and maintain vehicle log sheet for all travels conducted using the assigned vehicle
• Ensure appropriate use of fuel and compile monthly vehicle fuel consumption report
• Keep the fuel card securely and ensure it is loaded with fuel as per the guidelines.
• Ensure regular service and maintenance of the vehicle, specifically ensure that vehicle service and repairs are done on time
• Ensure that the third-party motor vehicle insurance is renewed on time
• Report all mechanical defaults and performance failures of the vehicle to the immediate supervisor in a timely manner to avoid risks and motor accidents
• Ensure that all vehicle spare parts, first aid box, spare tyre, vehicle jack, fire extinguisher and toolbox are functioning normally and kept safely
• Ensure regular vehicle washing and cleaning
• Observe the traffic laws while driving WCS vehicle to ensure personal safety and that of your passengers. You will be held responsible for violating the traffic laws and code of conduct for motor vehicle road users.
• Receive permission from your immediate supervisor before carrying non WCS passengers or unauthorized passengers for that matter
• Ensure that all travels from office or project site is approved by your immediate supervisor
• Ensure that your vehicle permit is valid and up todate
• Conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner, and maintain your own integrity and that of WCS
• Avoiding Parking WCS Vehicle for over 12 hours or more in ungazetted or unauthorized area
• Treat your workmates with dignity and respect

Academic Qualifications:
• A level certificate, a valid driving permit of appropriate class for driving 13-seater vehicle, a certificate in motor vehicle mechanics, and basic knowledge of computer. Defensive driving is an added advantage.

• Minimum 10 years of experience in driving
• Experience in working for a Conservation NGOs;
• Experience driving offroad and very difficult conditions
• Experience of working inside a protected area
• Experience in working for long hours
• Ability to communicate orally.
• Ability to work with multicultural teams
• Ability to work under pressure and in a remote area
• Knowledge of the native or local languages (Runyakitara dialects) is required
Kampala Uganda


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