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• Follow material manufacturing and inspection activities through all its phases, from preliminary engineering to Procurement follow-up
• Support Bids and Project in the definition of the most effective and competitive solutions for materials manufacturing


The Engineer executes the activities within his area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements

Tasks Include
• Issue all the documents related to the definition and production of components ( pipe, fittings, etc.) needed for the construction of pipe lines, sea lines, etc.
• Support procurement and commercial office with technical analysis during project bid phase. Review Saipem Specifications for pipes and fittings man ufacturing
• Support procurement department to establish bidder lists, evaluating and pre-qualifying vendors, bid assessments, audits
• Review Supplier documentation for compliance with client/international specifications/rules
• Issue Technical Bid Evaluation for... Linepipes and Fittings Supply
• Assist MPQT, review/comment subcontractor documentation, review the inspection and test plan
• Discuss and interface with the method project engineers and/or TM during both proposal preparation and projects to identify particular project requirements
• Liaise with welding , NDT and anticorrosion colleagues to identify critical requirements for product manufacturing that may affect Saipem installation activities and to promote innovative solutions
• Perform inspection site survey
• Report for validation to his technical group leader
• Coordinate material failure analysis
• Maintain contact with Line pipes manufacturers to be updated on new technologiesent/Materials Selection, in order to optimize overall quality and costs
• Perform materials selection or validate the materials selection performed by Others, by identification of possible internal and external corrosion mechanisms, taking into account the process data determined by relative disciplines and defining anti-corrosion strategies (selection of corrosion resistant material, chemical treatment, painting and coatings, cathodic protection, corrosion allowances and equipment design)
• Perform the corrosion rate calculation by using recognized models and software for sour and sweet services and evaluation of erosion allowances to validate the materials selection or perform the selection of the right CRA material
• Select chemical inhibition philosophy (e.g. CO2/H2S corrosion, O2 removal and control, presence of bacteria in oil and gas fluids, water treatment, seawater injection, etc.)
• Issue corrosion engineering documents
• Transfer the corrosion strategy to the disciplines responsible of CP, Painting and Coating
• Interface with other disciplines in order to provide corrosion-related inputs

D - Project Execution and Operational Phase
• Provide technical support to the construction/installation team to solve corrosion-related issues
• Define laboratories experimental work in corrosion field and coordinate all kind of corrosion-related tests on materials and analysis at qualified laboratories
• Perform and coordinate materials and corrosion failure analysis upon Project/Assets request at qualified laboratories
• Participate to Research Projects in the field of corrosion and materials performance
• Perform on-site corrosion survey in order to provide recommendations and corrective actions
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