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WeSolveCX is a full-service Business Processing Outsource (BPO) providing best-in-class solutions in call center service, consulting, digital marketing, and digital experience to companies in the Americas and the Caribbean. We are headquartered in Georgetown, Guyana, and employ approximately 400 people.

We have vacancies available and are looking for enthusiastic talent to join our team. Do you think you have what we're looking for? Read on and apply today.

About the Role

The Communication Specialist plays a crucial role in managing and promoting WeSolve CX Inc. image and messages. The primary goal of this individual is to create and maintain a positive image, convey key messages effectively, and build strong relationships with various stakeholders.

Expected Qualifications
• Bachelor’s Degree in communications, public relations, journalism, marketing or a related field is required.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential.
• Knowledge of PR strategies... media relations, and crisis communication will be considered a plus.
• Proficiency in managing and creating content for social media platforms is important for modern communication.
• Familiarity with digital marketing techniques, including email marketing.
• The ability to measure and analyze the effectiveness of communication campaigns using data and metrics.
• Precise proofreading and editing skills are necessary to maintain high-quality communication materials

Major Duties
• Strategic Communication: The Communication Specialist develops and implements communication strategies to convey an organization’s message effectively. This includes defining target audiences, key messages, and channels of communication.
• Media Relations: Interact with journalists and media outlets to pitch stories, arrange interviews, and manage press releases. Building and maintaining good relationships with the media is essential.
• Content Creation: Create content for various channels such as websites, social media, newsletter, and press releases. The Communication Specialist writes, edits, and ensures the content is consistent with the organization’s messaging and brand.
• Crisis Communication: In times of crisis or negative publicity, the incumbent is responsible for managing and mitigating damage to the organization’s reputation. This may involve drafting crisis communication plans and statements.
• Public Relations: They plan and execute public relations campaigns, events, and initiatives to promote the organization’s image and build positive relationships with the public.
• Social Media Management: Monitoring and managing the organization’s social media presence, including posting content, engaging with followers, and tackling metrics for performance analysis.
• Internal Communication: Handle internal communication within WeSolve CX this involves keeping employees informed and engaged through newsletter, emails, or intranet communications
• Brand Management: Ensure that all communication aligns with the organization’s brand identity and guidelines, maintaining a consistent and cohesive image
• Research and Analysis: Analyzing communication efforts through data and feedback to assess effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for improvement
• Collaboration: Working closely with other departments especially management to ensure messaging is aligned with organizational goals and objectives
• Continual Learning: Staying updated with industry trends, communication technologies, and best practices is crucial in this field
• Adaptability: Given the evolving media landscape and the rise of digital platforms, the communication specialist must be adaptable and willing to embrace new tools and technologie
• Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by your supervising officer.

Salary Scale

The successful applicant will receive an attractive renumeration & benefits package
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