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Key Accountabilities

Provides health care services to employees with medical needs.


 Attends to day to day employee medical needs, which includes

medicine administration and general health counseling to basic

employee health needs.

 Records and updates employee health records and strictly


 Provides first aid remedies to workplace accidents, including

transport to hospitals and follow-thru on medical status

 Screens and verifies pre-employment medical results for new

applicants provided by the company’s accredited clinic/hospital,

and endorses proper course of action

 Assists the company physician in monitoring course of action

advised to major medical cases

 Facilitates request for purchase of medicines and medical

equipment needed for clinic preparation

 Conducts home visitations to employees who are on sick leave

 Takes a lead role in arranging and facilitating conduct of Annual

Physical Exams, including coordination and... management of

results after its conduct

 Monitors and maintains medical supplies and equipment as

needed and based on ordering levels

 Coordinates conduct of various health seminars or lectures given

by medical and health service providers

 Prepares and submits government-related health reports on time

 Actively participates in all health and safety programs as

commissioned by the Health and Safety team

 Actively participates and contributes in all activities

commissioned by the company Canteen Committee

 Prepares health reports. Analyzes and determines top 3 health

concerns. Suggests and facilitates information campaign to help

alleviate occurrences

Performance Standards

Meets Expectations Above Expectations

 100% compliance to routine


 Monthly recorded reduction

of the top 3 recorded health


Facilitates processing of all regulatory employee benefit applications

to comply with labor standards.


 Facilitates timely processing of SSS Sickness Benefits of


 Directly liaise with health service provider for any request of

employee assistance

 Reviews and checks health card monthly charges and endorses

for recommending approvals

 Assists employees in filing claims or any other document

processing required pertaining to employee status update at

SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig

 Coordinates and cascades updated government provided

benefits to all employees

Performance Standards

Meets Expectations Above Expectations

 100% benefits admin

schedule adherence

 80% employee satisfaction

rating on health services

Academic Qualifications:

Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Related Working

Experiences (years):

Minimum (1) year related experience as a company nurse

Required Licenses,



 PRC License for Registered Nurse

 BOSH Training for Health and Safety

 First Aid Training for Red Cross

Particular Knowledge  In-depth knowledge of Occupational Health Nursing Practice

 In-depth knowledge of basic first aid

 In-depth knowledge on regulatory processing of government


Particular Skills  Effective oral communication skills ( English and Tagalog)

 Effective written communication, with basic knowledge in MS

Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and E-mail

 Effective analytical skills

Particular Behavior  Collaborative. Works in partnership with internal customers and

other sections in the department to achieve shared goals.

 Accountable. Takes full ownership of her actions or inactions.

With a proactive and preventive mind-set

 Delivers on commitments. Meets deadlines set for any work task.

 Exemplifies ethical behavior
Rosario Cavite Philippines


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