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Who We Are: Crossian LLC is a fast-growing, result-focused tech company aiming to become a leader in cross-border eCommerce. We develop and implement cutting-edge solutions and services across our platforms, delivering unparalleled value to our customers. Located in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam, we foster a Silicon Valley-style tech startup environment, encouraging innovation and Agile development.

About the Opportunity: As a Lead Data Analyst at Crossian LLC, you will act as the right hand to the CEO and BOM (Board of Management), providing critical data insights that influence strategic business decisions. This role demands a proactive leader who can seamlessly bridge business, tech, and Data Engineering teams, including Cloud DevOps, ensuring that all parts of the business are aligned and informed through impactful data analysis.


Strategic Analysis & Insight Generation

- Analysis and Insights: Conduct in-depth analysis, develop hypotheses... and provide insights that drive business strategies

- Data Visualization: Utilize advanced data visualization techniques to create charts and graphs that effectively communicate these insights

- Decision Support: Actively contribute to daily decision-making processes by delivering actionable insights to the CEO and BOM, enhancing their understanding of key business metrics and trends

Dashboard & BI Development

- BI Development: Lead the creation of a self-service BI system that includes dashboards and exploratory reports, utilizing various BI tools to meet business needs

- Dashboard Development: Additionally, responsible for developing and maintaining hundreds of real-time data monitoring dashboards for business operations, ensuring broad accessibility and visibility

Data Management & Integration

- Data modeling: Define and manage schemas for business-focused data objects & Implement advanced data modeling techniques to enhance data accessibility and utility for strategic analysis and decision-making

- Data flows: Develop and maintain robust ELT pipelines and processes to ensure the smooth ingress and integration of data from multiple sources

- Data Warehouse: Oversee the management of the data warehouse, ensuring its optimal performance and alignment with business requirements

Leadership & Team Collaboration

- Leadership: Lead a small team of DA - Data Analysts, fostering an environment of collaboration and continuous improvement. Work closely with the Business, Tech & Data Engineering teams to enhance data-driven decision-making processes

- Collaboration: Serve as a critical bridge between all the stakeholders ensuring clear communication and alignment on business objectives and technological capabilities

Trend Analysis

- Continuously follow global Data Analytical methodologies and toolsets to drive strategic decisions within the organization, ensuring that our business stays ahead of Market-shifts and Technological-advancements
Hanoi Vietnam


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