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General objective

The overall objective of this consultancy is to actively contribute to the EU Green Recovery Facility's mission in supporting the reduction of gender disparities. In doing so, the consultancy plays a pivotal role in advancing gender equality, inclusivity, and responsiveness.

Specific objectives

A. Transversal Integration of Gender Considerations in Activities: Ensure the transversal integration of gender considerations in the construction and implementation of the Facility’s activities which are implemented by service providers, including Individual Experts and Consultancy companies.

B. Gender Inclusive Approach in Project Development: Ensure that the complementary projects developed by Expertise France’s team integrate gender considerations and align with the Facility’s gender objectives.

Indicative Activities and Deliverables

Gender considerations have been included in the Facility’s Project Documents, including the Logical Framework and its associated plans... and tools (i.e., indicators, methodology). The main objective of this consultancy is to further advance this work and promote gender equality and inclusivity at every level and every stage of the project implementation activities.

1. Indicative Activities in relation with Specific Objective A.

i. Gender Mainstreaming in the design and implementation of Project Activities

Ø Gender Mainstreaming in the design of Project Activities: Ensure a clear integration of gender dimensions in the Terms of References (ToR) produced by the team for the activities to be implemented by service providers in the framework of the Facility. The gender-sensitive ToRs will not only guide service providers in understanding and fulfilling the Facility’s expectations regarding gender, but they will also ensure that those service providers implement gender-inclusive and gender-responsive activities. --> Indicative Deliverable 1: Commented ToRs, integrating gender dimensions in the description of service provider responsibilities and activities.

Ø Service Providers Selection Process:

o Analyse the technical proposals submitted by service providers, ensuring their approach, methodology and team structure align with the overall Facility’s and specific ToR’s gender objectives. As such, the consultant must identify aspects within the proposals that pertain to gender responsiveness, such as strategies for inclusivity, diversity, and the integration of gender perspectives.

o Evaluate those aforementioned proposals utilising pre-existing matrices developed by the team. --> Indicative Deliverable 2: Completed and filled matrices evaluating service providers’ proposals in terms of fulfilling gender objectives.

o If/When considered necessary, participate in the selection committees for those service providers. --> Indicative Deliverable 3: Participation in the selection committee of service providers (when deemed necessary).

Ø Monitoring and Quality Control Support

o Evaluate service providers’ deliverables, focusing on gender integration and inclusivity. --> Indicative Deliverable 4: Commented version of service providers’ deliverables, providing comprehensive feedback on gender inclusion. This process will be iterative, ensuring continuous improvement in subsequent deliverables.

o Participate in meetings with service providers, on a needs-basis, to discuss, review and refine their aforementioned deliverables.

ii. Ongoing Gender-Responsive Advisory Support

Ø Provide real-time advice and recommendations to project team members whenever gender-related questions or challenges arise. Maintain a detailed log compiling information on these exchanges and interactions. --> Indicative Deliverable 5: A log documenting real-time advice and recommendations provided to project team members and service providers on gender-related matters, to be disseminated and accessible to team members on an ongoing basis.

The log must include the dates of the request, the nature of the request/issues faced, the advice given, and the parties involved.

2. Planned Activities in relation with Specific Objective B.

iii. Gender Mainstreaming for Activities under the EU Policy & Programme Window --> Indicative Deliverable 6: Reviewed and commented concept notes, ensuring gender inclusion and sensitivity

As part of the Facility, Expertise France will support the development of project and programme concept notes to help attract additional funding from development partners for the benefit of government institutions and other Facility stakeholders.

For the concept notes prepared in-house by Expertise France's team, the consultant will play a key role in ensuring that gender issues are properly integrated (for concept notes prepared with the support of external consultants, similar work will be carried out under specific objective A). This process will be iterative and the consultant will provide feedback for every version of the concept notes developed, so as to ensure continuous improvement. Ultimately, the consultant’s role is to ensure that the final concept notes not only account for gender considerations but also align with the Facility’s gender objectives
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