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School Background

Highlands International School (HIS) was founded on February 2, 2003. Since May 19, 2003, HIS has been a member of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS), with many schools around the world. HIS is an international Christian school that provides an environment of academic excellence and respect for people of all cultures and religions. Highlands International School is a community of students, parents, and Christian educators, working together as a NICS network school, to instill in each student a passion for truth, a commitment to excellence, and an appreciation for diversity. HIS Core Values: Servant Leadership, Christ-like Compassion, Biblical Stewardship.

Job Summary

The Curriculum, Instruction, and Accreditation Coordinator (CIAC) will decide how much time to devote to each task in the running of the school’s curricular program. The CIAC will provide leadership in developing and maintaining a stellar educational program with a distinctive... Christian educational philosophy that maintains high educational standards and encourages students and staff to be the best that they can be at HIS. The CIAC will facilitate discussions that will provide teachers with the best resources and plans to accomplish their objectives in teaching. In addition, the CIAC will coordinate the review, collection, and reporting of the accreditation committees to ensure compliance with all required standards laid forth by the accrediting agencies and the School Improvement Plan.

General Responsibilities
• To live a life reflective of Christian principles and practices in and out of the work environment.
• Safeguard the interests of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS) and Highlands International School (HIS) and its mission/vision.
• Be responsible to carry out those items at the school level that are distinctive of NICS schools as presented in the NICS Missions Manual, and HIS policies and procedures manual.
• Provide leadership in the accomplishment of the spiritual mission of the school.
• Responsible for the timely communications and mailing of information to students, parents and coworkers.
• Must be a team player, especially as a key member of the Field Leadership Team (FLT).
• Must be able to effectively manage his/her employees including encouraging and/or disciplining as needed all the while being a strong spiritual leader and role model.
• Must be flexible and able to adapt to change.
• Must be able to function properly under time constraints and perform well under pressure.
• Support the broader program of the school by attending extra-curricular activities when possible.
• Participates in the hiring of the instructional staff.
• Serves as a member of the FLT.
• Assists in the orientation of new instructional staff members.
• Assists with inventory and checkout for staff throughout the year.
• Helps to perform appraisals of all instructional staff under a supervisory role.
• To write the curriculum in Rubicon Atlas schoolwide.
• Supervises to make sure that personal curriculum plans are designed, implemented and followed here at HIS.
• Oversee the Curriculum Review Cycle and its committees.
• Coordinate MAP Testing.
• Oversee the implementation of data from MAP results to improve academic programs.
• Oversee the Accreditation committees.
• Coordinate the school’s Professional Development Days.
• Serve as an on-site substitute.
• Other duties as assigned.

Travel & Conferences:
• When the school requires travel on behalf of the school, expenses will be compensated.


Opportunities to learn Spanish

Supportive community

Salary commensurate with cost of living in country

The school pays for housing

The school pays for transportation to and from the school each day
La Paz Bolivia


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