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The mission for the Senior Frontend Developer is to build and improve the products and services of the platform as a member of an agile team that serves carriers and shippers in the Vehicle Transportation Industry of the United States. We are particularly interested in candidates from European countries or Central Asian regions.
• *Responsibility**
• Be a technical leader within the team you work with and guide team to build better Web applications.
• Mentor engineers in the team and help them with their growth.
• Collaborate with engineers, product managers, and designers to tackle the interesting and challenging problems for building and growing an end-to-end (vehicle) shipping platform in the United States.
• Collaborate on technical projects across teams within Super Dispatch.
• Be a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional agile team with its mission, comprised of a product manager, UX designer, a backend engineer, and a QA engineer.
• Architect, design... document, develop, refactor, deploy, and operate customer-faced web interfaces that serve the Super Dispatch customers.
• *Minimum requirements**
• You have at least 5 years of professional experience in general, at least 2 years of which is experience working in a product-driven environment.
• You have at least 1 year of TypeScript experience on Production.
• You have deep experience with the frontend development ecosystem: you understand modern ECMAScript, TypeScript, and React ecosystem features and shipped web products to customers using this knowledge.
• You are proficient in styling UI components and making the best possible UX.
• You are a constant learner, you can pick up new programming frameworks and concepts quickly.
• You care about quality and you know what it means to ship high-quality code and user interfaces.
• You are familiar and have experience with good engineering practices.
• You have a hands-on experience shipping improvements to customers: CI/CD, build tools.
• You have a hands-on experience growing and guiding frontend developers.
• You have a hands-on experience with testing practices like TDD, unit testing, or UI testing.
• You have a hands-on experience with latest technologies in React ecosystem.
• *Plus points**
• You have experience working and developing with Design System libraries
• You are leader of the web development community, affecting and driving our architecture across the company.
• *Competencies**

If you consider yourself an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive human, you might just thrive at Super Dispatch.

To be successful, you will need a combination of problem-solving, technical, and communication skills. We expect you are:
• Proactive - you act without being told what to do. You bring new ideas to the company.
• Flexible / adaptable - you adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions. You cope effectively with complexity and change.
• Move fast - you execute quickly and get things done.
• Growth driven - you seek growth in learning, efficiency, and celebrate wins.
• Customer focus - you are truth-seeking individuals who can empathize with customers. You patiently listen and take feedback to solve problems for customers.
• Communication - you can comfortably communicate in English (speaking and writing). You are able to share knowledge and experience with team members via documentation.
• *Growth Plan:**
• *Within 1 month, you’ll…**
• Graduate from Super Dispatch’s company-wide new employee onboarding program. You’ll get caught up with who we are, how we work, and what we're building.
• Understand the full functionality of Super Dispatch products, as well as the greater auto transportation industry and competitive landscape.
• Have knowledge on how applications run on web, how the performance is measured, how development and deployment are managed.
• Understand the core parts of the codebase, start reviewing pull requests, ship small changes.
• *Within 3 months, you’ll…**
• Collaborate on technical projects, help team to build web applications within Super Dispatch.
• Collaborate with engineers, UI/UX designer, Backend engineers to tackle the interesting and challenging problems for supporting and enabling an end-to-end (vehicle) shipping platform in the United States.
• *Within 6 months, you’ll…**
• Start expanding your involvement and work with different teams on their challenges and improvements.
• Be a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional agile team.
• Contribute to open source projects which have been developed by the company.
• *Within 12 months, you’ll…**
• Be a valuable contributor of the team you work with and within Super Dispatch in general.
• Be a contributing member of the frontend developer community of Super Dispatch affecting and improving our frontend components across the company.
• *What we do:**

Our mission at Super Dispatch is to transform the world of vehicle shipping by becoming the leading platform for moving cars. For too long, the auto transport industry has been left without effective tools and instead given outdated processes and disconnected systems. The Super Dispatch platform is a one-stop-shop for everything Carriers and Shippers need to move cars faster, smarter, and easier. Backed by cutting edge technology and best-in-class software, Super Dispatch is the advanced auto transport experience taking carriers and shippers into the future.
• *Who we are:**

Our diverse team is comprised of highly motivated professionals with a passion for solving big problems with technology. Our core values are built around learning, growing, evolving, and continuous experimentation. We believe and practice taking bold risks. We embrace failure as a lesson. We put our team first. We are committed to supporting each other and helping each other grow on this journey.
• *Summary of Benefits:**
• Stock options
• Unlimited Vacation (PTO)
• 12 weeks of paid parental leave
• Fully remote/work from home role
• Growth opportunities
• Gym membership/wellness stipend
• Equipment provided


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