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Main Duties and Responsibilities:
• Independently develop and follow up with clients, timely grasp the dynamic changes of competitors and clients, collect and analyze client information effectively until signing the contract.
• Familiarity with AWS public cloud, CDN, SDWAN, cloud security, and other products, able to provide comprehensive solutions to clients.
• Strong business acumen, able to understand or convey clients' technical requirements, possess good teamwork skills, able to deeply understand business scenarios and technical principles, and drive the development of regional business.
• Strong sense of ownership and self-sustainable learning ability, think from a win-win perspective, and prioritize customer-centricity.

Minimum Requirements:
• Bachelor's degree or above, major in computer science, information technology, or related fields, with at least 2 years of relevant industry sales experience preferred.
• Prioritize candidates with customer resources related to... e-commerce, internet, gaming, entertainment, and other industries expanding overseas.
• Proficiency in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other related fields of expertise and experience.
• Familiarity with cloud computing, CDN, security, and other products, able to provide the best solution based on client application scenarios, able to understand client needs and provide effective sales advice.
• Strong sales skills and negotiation ability, able to drive sales performance and achieve sales targets.
• Excellent communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to effectively collaborate with clients, cloud vendors, and internal teams.
• Market insight and client development capabilities, able to expand new clients and maintain existing client relationships.
• Sharp awareness of trends in the cloud computing industry and able to adjust sales strategies according to market changes.
• Strong learning ability and problem-solving skills, able to quickly adapt to the constantly evolving technological environment.
• Prior experience in team management is preferred


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