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Baker Hughes Jobs UAE. Baker Hughes is a leading energy technology company that provides innovative results to the global oil painting and gas assiduity . The company operates in further than 120 countries worldwide and has a pool of over,000 workers . Baker Hughes was formed in 2017 as a result of the junction between GE Oil & Gas and Baker Hughes, Inc.

Baker Hughes Jobs UAE

Baker Hughes is the first and only comprehensive provider of digital oilfield products, services and solutions. Drawing inspiration from its rich heritage as an inventor company, Baker Hughes harnesses the passion and expertise of its people to improve productivity throughout the entire oil and gas value chain. Baker Hughes Jobs UAE
Baker Hughes Vacancies

Baker Hughes Jobs UAE. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has a different portfolio of products and services that feed to every stage of the oil painting and gas lifecycle. These include drilling, completions, product , and force operation... results , as well as digital and artificial services . Baker Hughes Jobs UAE
• Company Name: BHGE | Baker Hughes GE
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A satisfying career awaits you — helping to make energy cleanser , safer , and more effective .

Let’s work together to repurpose our 100 times of experience to fuel invention . Let’s revise openings by connecting ourselves and our services across 120 countries . Let’s fete and admire the part that every person plays in shaping our future .

Baker Hughes Jobs UAE. Let’s drive the energy transition, and your career, forward
Baker Hughes( BHGE) looking for talented campaigners in Houston, USA, UAE, Kuwait, India, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore.

From the first rotary drill bit to the world ’s most expansive portfolio of compressors and gas turbines, and from digital results that prognosticate issues to modular underwater technology, for further than a century our inventions have been revolutionizing the assiduity . Baker Hughes Jobs UAE

Baker Hughes Jobs UAE. Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides results for energy and artificial guests worldwide. With operations in over 120 countries and further than,000 workers , we design , manufacture, and deliver leading technology results for our guests . Powered by the assiduity ’s only fullstream technology portfolio, and enabled by our people and scale, we drive productivity and ameliorate issues for ourselves and our guests .

Baker Hughes Careers

Baker Hughes, a leading energy technology company, offers a wide range of job opportunities across different functional areas. Baker Hughes Jobs UAE
Some of the positions at Baker Hughes are:
• Field Engineer – responsible for providing on-site technical support to customers during drilling, completions, and production operations.
• Operations Manager – responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company’s various business units and ensuring that they meet their targets.
• Data Scientist – responsible for using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to extract insights from large datasets.
• Sales Manager – responsible for developing and executing sales strategies to drive revenue growth and profitability.
• Supply Chain Analyst – responsible for managing the company’s supply chain operations, including sourcing, procurement, and logistics. Baker Hughes Jobs UAE
• HR Business Partner – responsible for providing strategic HR support to business leaders and ensuring that the company attracts, retains, and develops top talent.
• Project Manager – responsible for planning, executing, and monitoring complex projects and ensuring that they are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.
• Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Specialist – responsible for developing and implementing EHS policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.
• Digital Product Manager – responsible for developing and launching digital products and services that meet the needs of the company’s customers and drive revenue growth.
• Research Scientist – responsible for conducting research and development activities to develop new technologies and solutions for the energy industry. Baker Hughes Jobs UAE
These are just some of the many positions available at Baker Hughes. The company offers a diverse range of job opportunities across different functional areas, providing ample scope for personal and professional growth. Baker Hughes Jobs UAE

Baker Hughes Jobs UAE. One of the core values of Baker Hughes is sustainability, and the company is committed to reducing its carbon footmark and supporting the energy transition towards a low- carbon future. Baker Hughes has set ambitious targets to achieve net- zero carbon emigrations by 2050, and the company has formerly made significant progress in this regard.

Baker Hughes’ products and services are…


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