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Mission of the position. State the raison d'être of the position in the Organization, what it was created for, which derives from functions and results. That is, the main function and overall result that the occupant of the position must achieve and by which it could be measured in its performance.

Ensure shift indicators through the timely delivery of production orders to each of the areas involved.

Contribution of the position. They are the main satisfiers that the position must produce and deliver to its internal and external clients.
• Compliance with shift operating indicators (Efficiency, Waste, Volume).
• Focus on operational discipline, ensure compliance with the shift.
• Shift Resource Management.
• Execution of improvement plans.
• Identification of needs of the operational team.
• Promote a competitive culture.

Detail of each... Contribution.

Mention the Contribution and its Objective:
• Compliance with shift operating indicators
Achieve the monthly goals of Efficiency, Waste and Volume, through compliance with the operational indicators of the shift.

• Monitoring of goals
• Manage the support and support of the areas.

• When to stop equipment that affects safety and / or quality.
• Ensure use of methodologies for analysis

• Make the best decision based on the information you have.

Detail of each Contribution.

Mention the Contribution and its Objective:

2. Shift Resource Management
Assign and optimize material, equipment, human and systems resources.

• Optimize the consumption of materials.
• Optimize the installed capacity.
• Allocation of human resources according to needs.
• Ensure the proper use of information technology.

• Determine actions and allocate resources according to needs.

• Definition of priorities.
• Integral vision of the process.

Detail of each Contribution.

Mention the Contribution and its Objective:

3.Execution of Improvement Plans
Achieve and exceed established goals

• Allocate resources for improvement.
• Execute the defined actions.
• Validate the effectiveness of the actions.
• Propose new actions.

• Denigrate the allocation of resources.

Have the necessary elements for decision making.

Detail of each Contribution.

Mention the Contribution and its Objective:

4. Promote a competitive culture*Ensure results through the behaviors and behaviors established by the organization.

• Promote SWF values.
• Correct deviations to behaviors and behaviors.
• Be an example in behaviors and behaviors.
• Create culture through empowerment.

• Define disciplinary action
• Give timely feedback

• Congruence and consistency

Relationships. What are the relationships inside and outside the organization that you must create, develop and maintain to adequately meet the objectives of the position

Position/ Area
• Production Manager.
• Process and Manufacturing Engineer.

Responsible for:
Quality, Logistics, Customer Service, HR.
In order to
• Teamwork.
• Support in activities.
• Establish synergies.
• Fulfillment of Objectives.
• Define needs.
• Set priorities.

Organization / Area / Position
• Plant Manager.
• Customer Service Manager.
• Suppliers of indirect materials.
• Pick & Pack.
• Suppliers of raw materials.
In order to
• Generate synergy.
• Improve yields, technology development, problem analysis, ensure supply, etc.

Control section. Write down the positions that report directly to you and their number of occupants

Job title and number of occupants
• None
Total number of persons under your responsibility: None

Size of the position. Identify and relate the magnitudes that are of responsibility and direct influence of the position.

These can be of several types:
regionalization, coverage, total personnel influenced, sales volume, operating cost, total suppliers, total customers, products, sales offices, assets, etc.
• Responsible for shift operation

Tipo de puesto:
Tiempo completo

$30, $50,000.00 al mes

Pregunta(s) de postulación:
• Do you have experience managing data bases?
• Do you have direct and indirect leadership experience?
• Do you have experience using Excel?
• What is your desired compensation MXN / month? (do not skip this question)

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Empleo presencial


Apply - Order Preparation Coordinator Mexico