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Job Description:
• Write clean, concise, readable code to create stable and well-functioning NLP models for LLM.
• Create robust foundational large language models (LLM - like GPT or Vicuna or Llama).
• Fine tune embeddings, create models for question answering based on trained content.
• Use RNN, CNN, GAN, etc. to create a system for generating images based on prompts, similar to Midjourney/DALLE, and also segregate, classify and vectorize images.
• Follow continuous improvements and advancements in various fields and keep applying them in work to make models better and performant.

Skill-Set Required:
• Knows Python inside out, including deep knowledge of machine learning libraries like TensorFlow and Pytorch.
• Knows how to fine tune models, apply various NLP algorithms to improve solutions.
• Knows LLM inside out, including usage of relevant libraries like Langchain.
• Knowledge of transformers, RNN, CNN, diffusion, GAN.
• Complete mastery of using image processing libraries like... OpenCV, and applying them on image segregation, classification, vectorization.
• Experience working with NLP libraries like NLTK, Haystack, etc.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

• Health insurance
• Provident Fund

• Day shift
• Monday to Friday
• Morning shift

• total work: 5 years (Preferred)

Work Location: In person

Application Deadline: 15/05/2024


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