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GGGI in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of the Government of Ecuador is rolling out an 18-month technical assistance project to the Government of Ecuador titled “Greening Ecuador Central Bank”. The project, funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness and Preparatory Support Program, aims to enhance the institutional capacity, strategic frameworks, and partnerships of the Central Bank of Ecuador to enhanced management and disclosure of climate-related financial risks and promoting greater financial sector’s contribution to Ecuador’s climate agenda.


GGGI is seeking a Data Management Consultant. Based in Quito, the Consultant will support data preparation, collection, organization, storing and analyzing through well-designed management, tools, and processes to ensure consistency and efficiency in data management. The Consultant will strength Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE) capacity on management and disclosure of green and climate-related... statistics.

The Consultant will be responsible for developing green/climate indicators and providing recommendations to fill data gaps.

The Consultant will coordinate the engagement with stakeholders and the implementation of the products, under the technical leadership of GGGI staff members.


The Consultant will be required to provide technical assistance on management of green and climate financial data/information, increasing the BCE’s capacity.

[A] Specific Objectives
• Identify, review, and analyze Ecuador’s statistics and data aligned with climate financial flows and climate risks.
• Develop indicators linked to environmental and climate change, prioritizing financial and economic indicators.
• Develop recommendations to fill data gaps.
• Strengthening BCE’s capacity on green and climate data management.

[B] Scope of work
• Prepare a Work Plan of the activities to undertake under the assignment.
• The Work Plan should include timeline of main activities, methodology, milestones, validation meetings, final deliverables description and the scheduling of capacity building workshops.
• Review of policy and regulatory provisions for BCE’s statistics.
• Organize, participate in, and facilitate meetings with relevant stakeholders. The consultant is responsible for writing meeting reports for all meetings in which the consultant participates.
• Organize meetings as required to obtain relevant information.
• Conduct a thorough review of existing statistics about green and climate financial flows.
• Collecting, categorizing, storing, organizing, and utilizing data effectively and efficiently.
• Conduct data analysis on Ecuador’s progress towards its climate finance and climate-related risks.
• Support BCE’s capacity building plan on green and climate statistics.
• Prepare recommendations for the BCE to comply with international best practices on green and climate data management and statistics.
• Using data visualization tools for reporting.
• Developing new processes and reporting requirements for integrating green and climate data in BCE activities and reports.
• The consultant will be asked to produce executive summary reports and PowerPoint presentations based on their activities.
• Conduct training workshops and provide technical assistance as required.
• Systematize all collected information, annexes, meeting minutes, etc.
• Develop a final report with all relevant technical papers, reports, and other documents prepared from the start to the end of the assignment shall be attached.

• All relevant technical papers, reports, and other documents prepared from the start to the end of the assignment shall be included in a digital repository for GGGI and BCE.
• The consultant will make the best use of both primary and secondary sources of information to develop activities defined under the contract objective.
• The consultant will work closely with GGGI staff and BCE focal point to ensure the goals of this consultancy, and he/she will also be responsible for reporting their progress to the GGGI supervisor.
• The Consultant will be responsible for covering her/his own travel expenses.
• The consultancy budget covers the costs of transportation and accommodation, and necessary resources for field studies. The selection of these places must be coordinated with GGGI.
• Total fee amount for this service is a lump sum.

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in economics, business, finance, statistics, or related areas.
• At least 8 years of experience in data management.
• Verifiable experience in statistics, data visualization, data science tools (Excel, R, Python, etc.) or business intelligence.
• Intermediate English is required.

• Teamwork, and creative problem-solving abilities.
• Knowledge of statistical analysis tools.
• Skills in working with multidisciplinary groups.
• Negotiation, promotion, and conflict resolution skills.
• Syntaxy and redaction proficiency

• Selection method/process: Competitive selection
• Cover Letter, and CV must be sent in English. A consortium, or a firm may not be engaged for the individual consultant assignment
• Date to close is Korean Standard Time (KST).
• Timeline of selection : 7 days