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As a Marketing Analyst, you will be driving company’s market research.

The role combines analytical market research using information available online and through analytics tools with field research.

That means frequent trips to conferences, meetings with customers, partners, and even competitors. You will be gathering facts, documenting them religiously and summarizing for the strategic marketing council.

This job is suitable to someone mobile, willing to travel to various countries and work on-the-go . You will be working directly with company’s top management and providing insights for multiple marketing teams across several software development companies.

Responsibilities :

Valuable final product : information about existing and potential customers that results in increased revenue.
• Defining and refining customer personas, segmenting them by business cases and other criteria
• Discovering and documenting information about channels used by customers to consume information
•... Discovering and documenting information about market trends from industry players
• Discovering and documenting information about actions and thoughts of competitors
• Good communicator, able to find approach to different people
• Fluent English
• Good relationship-building skills, strong analytical skills
• Strong ability to express thoughts on paper and verbally, including : outlining facts, summarizing, and drawing conclusions
• Able to persuade stakeholders based on facts, data, and logical reasoning
• Technological savviness, ability to quickly understand technology and how it solves business problems
• Quick learner. Able to quickly grasp and navigate market analytics tools and involve supportive instruments like Excel, ChatGPT, etc
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