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Work Experience:

5 year

Job Description

1. Project delivery
Full-cycle planning and management of single or multiple delivery projects, including formulating and managing project objectives, project plans and milestones, managing project delivery costs, and reducing planned-actual cost deviation
As the first responsible person for project delivery, coordinate and organize project delivery resources, and lead the project team (BA, TM, TAM) to formulate delivery and operation & maintenance plans; Implement the project with high-quality performance.
Manage and supervise the whole process of project delivery, predict, identify and diagnose project risks and problems, lead delivery resources to tackle difficulties and quickly solve problem with appropriate solutions.
Coordinate internal/external delivery resources and regional/industrial delivery expert resources to carry out the whole process of project management and... critical customer demand assurance.
2. Pre-sales support
Clarify the customer demand boundary in the pre-sales phase and identify potential risks of the project, evaluate delivery costs, and form a high-quality deliverable SOW.
Cooperate with BD, lead BA, TM, TAM to participate in pre-sales communication, visualize service value, improve the overall competitiveness of hybrid cloud and public cloud products + services through service solutions, and facilitate winning orders
3. After-sales O&M and renewal support
Coordinate the daily operation and maintenance of customers at the later stage of the delivery project with ensurance of O&M resources and quality, maintain long-term customer relationship, and explore and follow up customer renewal requirements.
4. Service ecosystem delivery management.
Organize service ecosystem partners to complete project delivery and evaluate the quality of project delivery of partners.
5. Standardization and accumulation of solutions
Continuously promote the organizational design and SOP optimization of project management. Propose optimization requirements for processes and project management tools to improve ecological capabilities and reduce delivery costs.
Work with the industry/region business team to complete the settlement of industry delivery solutions and the construction and promotion of benchmarking projects.

Position Requirement
At least 5 years of to B/G IT delivery project management experience or software research and development project experience
Big scale project team management experience (>20 members)
Familiar with project management of FSI/Public sectors and have in-depth practice, able to manage multiple complex projects, able to predict and deal with risks in advance, and judge changes in requirements. Coordinate internal and external resources for costs and quality optimization
Able to lead the implementation and delivery of large and complex projects; Quickly sort out the work scope, installment plan and key milestones of each sub-team under relatively vague circumstances, and organize the implementation to achieve the goal
Able to understand external needs such as customers, ISV, and regulators; Align objectives with internal cooperation departments, communicate and coordinate effectively to serve project objectives achievement.
Have a good sense of service, be able to solve customer problems to the end, effectively help customers solve problems, and ensure customer satisfaction
Lead to create a communication atmosphere, express opinions clearly and effectively listen to others' opinions
Identify valuable potential ecological partners in existing project cooperation
In the pre-sales support phase of the project, control the preparation of the ecological joint solution and the design of the delivery plan, maximize the value of ecological partners, and optimize the delivery plan
Prosper ecological development, maintain long-term communication with industry or regional ecosystem partners, continuously develop and expand partner capabilities from the perspectives of business opportunities, solutions, delivery and maintenance capabilities
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