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Business Development Manager [Logistics] Company: Recruitdev's Client Salary Range: $800 - $1600 gross Working Location: Tan Phu, Dist.7, Ho Chi Minh City Level: Manager English: Intermediate Job overview and responsibility - Qu?n l ??i ng? nhn vin kinh doanh hi?n c c?a Cng ty - Xy d?ng v pht tri?n Team KD m?i, ch?u trch nhi?m tuy?n d?ng, ?o t?o v theo di hi?u qu? lm vi?c c?a ??i ng? NVKD - Xy d?ng cc k? ho?ch, chi?n l??c ph?c v? m?c tiu pht tri?n v ??t ???c k?t qu? KD c?a BG? ??t ra - H? tr?, gim st th?c thi k? ho?ch KD, bo co v? k?t qu? KD, doanh thu v chi ph - Xy d?ng v pht tri?n h? th?ng khch hng - Tm ki?m pht tri?n cc m?i quan h? v?i khch hng v ??i tc trong l?nh v?c Logistics - Ch?m sc, xy d?ng c? ch? cho khch hng nh?m gia t?ng inbound lead, duy tr doanh thu - Xy d?ng t?i ?u quy trnh bn hng t? b??c ln k? ho?ch ??n khi ch?t sales - Xc ??nh cc th? tr??ng ti?m n?ng cng nh?ng bi?n ??ng th? tr??ng,..vv Required skills and experiences - T?t nghi?p ??i h?c tr? ln chuyn ngnh lin quan ??n... Logistics, Kinh t? qu?c t?, Xu?t nh?p kh?u, - C t nh?t 03 n?m kinh nghi?m ? v? tr t??ng ???ng trong ngnh Logistics (xu?t nh?p kh?u, h?i quan, c??c bi?n, c??c hng khng) - Tc phong nhanh nh?n, giao ti?p t?t v c k? n?ng qu?n l - C?n c kinh nghi?m sales trong Cng ty Forwarder v? cc d?ch v?: c??c bi?n, c??c hng khng, H?i quan Preferred skills and experiences - Thnh th?o ti?ng Anh l m?t l?i th? Why Candidate should apply this position - L??ng: 20tr 40tr/thng + th??ng + hoa h?ng, (thu nh?p khng gi?i h?n, ty n?ng l?c) - Xt t?ng l??ng 1 l?n/n?m, l??ng thng 13. - Th??ng nng, th??ng doanh thu, th??ng doanh s?... - Th??ng cc ngy L?, T?t, sinh nh?t, tr? c?p,... - Ch? ?? BHXH ??y ?? theo quy ??nh c?a Nh n??c - ?i du l?ch trong ngoi n??c hng n?m, team building, - Lm vi?c trong mi tr??ng tr? chuyn nghi?p, n?ng ??ng c l? trnh th?ng ti?n r rng, ???c cng nh?n. - ???c c?p laptop v ?i?n tho?i, v?n phng ph?m ph?c v? cho cng vi?c. Report to CEO Interview process 1 offline interview with HR and BOD
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