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Python Developer required! A top-tier US-based client is in search of Python Developers.

As a Python Developer, your primary duty will be conducting thorough code reviews and delivering actionable feedback alongside documentation. Collaboration with researchers and other stakeholders is crucial to maintaining project alignment.

Job Responsibilities:
• Develop Python code proficiently to tackle problems effectively.
• Utilize business acumen and analytical skills to extract insightful findings from public databases.
• Express reasoning and logic clearly through code composed in platforms like Jupyter notebooks.
• Collaborate closely with researchers to exchange valuable ideas and insights.
• Maintain meticulous documentation for all developed code.
• Utilize data analysis expertise to address significant business inquiries using various datasets, including those from Kaggle, the UN, and the US government.

Job Requirements:
• Open to applicants of all levels, from junior to industry... experts.
• Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent practical experience.
• Proficient in the Python programming language for coding and debugging purposes.
• Ability to handle intermediate-level Python coding tasks and grasp algorithmic concepts.
• Excellent problem-solving skills, combined with exceptional reasoning and mathematical abilities.
• Proficient in English with excellent communication skills to promote effective team collaboration.

• Partner with leading industry authorities across the globe and foster connections to elevate your career goals.
• Embrace the versatility of remote working arrangements, departing from traditional office settings.
• Enjoy a competitive salary package in USD, aligned with global remuneration standards.
• Contribute to revolutionary endeavors that challenge technological norms, catalyzing your career advancement.

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