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• Assisting experienced Engineers with calculations, analysis, and design relating to the design of various highway/bridge/underway station components. 协助有经验的工程师完成各种公路/桥梁/地铁站等项目相关的计算、分析和设计工作。
• Create and evaluate design responses based on outline briefs, accurately analyze data, and successfully interact with others. 根据大纲概要创建和评估设计响应,准确分析数据,并成功与他人互动。
• Examine intricate drawings and design and assessment calculations. 检查复杂的图纸以及设计和评估计算。
• Ensure that the project is delivered in compliance with quality standards, timelines, and budget. 确保项目的交付符合质量标准、时间表和预算。
• Create designs, calculations, specs, and drawings to make sure technical designs offer the right solution. 创建设计、计算、规格和图纸,以确保技术设计提供正确的解决方案。
• Keep track of all design calculations, drawings, and papers. 跟踪所有设计计算、图纸和文件
• As needed, maintain contacts with clients and establish new ones. 根据需要,与客户保持联系并建立新的联系。

• Bachelor’s degree or above in civil engineering or bridge engineering... 土木工程或者桥梁工程本科及以上学历;
• 1 to 3 years of experience in civil engineering or bridge projects. 1~3年土木工程或桥梁项目经验;
• Have clear concepts and design capabilities, and strong summary and comprehension abilities. 具备清晰的概念、设计能力,较强的总结和领悟能力;
• Proficient in using Midas Civil, SAP2000, CAD and Microsoft office. 熟练应用Midas Civil、SAP2000、CAD及Microsoft office;
• Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork. 责任心强,具备团队合作精神;
• Fluent written and spoken English capabilities; 流利的英语书面和口语能力
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