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The main purpose of the Branch Manager is to oversee Wooden Bakery s sales and production functions, covering the promotion of the store s services and products and the development of new business opportunities.Manages the store s overall activities.Manages the store s staff through coaching and training, in order to improve performance and to achieve the department s objectives and targets.Provides senior management with all necessary data and statistics relating to store sales and performance, in order to assist them in their decision making process.Establishes a plan to fulfill the store s manpower needs, through retention of current employees, and through communicating Recruiting needs to the HR Department on semi-annual/ quarter-annual basis.Supervises the opening & closing of the store.Supervises a daily-check up on the smooth performance of all store machinery and equipment.Ensures the proper cleaning and lighting of all store internal and external areas.Achieves objectives... through appropriate planning, organization of staff, inventory management, cost control and maximization of the store s sales and profits.Observes compliance with the company s policies and procedures, as well as, governmental laws and regulations.Oversees the proper physical presentation of all store personnel.Ensures the proper layout and display of all products in the store.Perform random spot-checks on expiry dates of the various products sold in the store.Ensures proper and accurate price tagging on all products.Oversees and approves adequate orders for the different products, and makes sure they are properly sent to headquarters (especially for high selling products).Validates all receipt and return vouchers of products and materials. Validates that daily sales bank deposits are sent to the Factory. Assist the Operation Manager in the development of the store s overall yearly plan and budget.Develops and monitors the store s capital budget, to ensure it is properly maintained and upgraded to reflect the WB image.Works in conjunction with the Marketing Department to develop an advertising and/or promotional plan that maximizes the store s retail sales.Collaborates with Personnel Unit in the HR Department to ensure the proper administration of employees annual leaves.Monitors the proper adherence to the approved employee development program.Follows-up on the rotation schedule of new employees and trainees.With the Assistant Store Supervisors and other subordinates, evaluates the performance of all store employees ensuring that reviews are delivered to the HR Department on time.Assigns tasks and responsibilities to subordinates and validate their job descriptions.Suggests salary reviews, proposes personnel actions such as promotions and provides feedback to employees.Maintains discipline, recommends and administers corrective action.Motivates and develops staff, in order to encourage their professional development.Assists the store merchandiser in developing a merchandising plan each season that enhances product presentation.Attends to customer needs and complaints.Oversees the delivery customer database.Maintains safe working conditions for employees and customers; resolves safety concerns quickly.Ensures store security from internal and external theft.Performs other duties pertinent to this job as assigned


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