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일본 리츠메이칸 아시아 태평양대학교 한국어강사 모집

Recruitment of Part-time Korean Language Lecturers at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Our university is currently recruiting faculty members for the following position. Your assistance in sharing these details with interested parties would be greatly appreciated.

1. Number of openings:

Two part-time lecturer positions

2. Affiliation:

Successful candidates will be affiliated with the Center for Language Education

3. Subject:


4. Necessary Qualifications:

・ Candidates must have completed a master’s degree or have equivalent experience and/or achievements.

・ Candidates with at least 2 years teaching experience at the higher education institution are preferred.

・ Candidates must be able to teach four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).

5. Date of Appointment:

October 1, 2024

6. Application Deadline:

May 13, 2024 (Monday) by 23:59 (JST)

※All application materials must be submitted online at JREC-IN.

7. Required... Documents: Please submit one copy of each document.

(1) Curriculum Vitae (including educational history and list of research/teaching achievements) [Form 1] Please submit the document as a Microsoft Word file.

(2) Statement of Purpose (Reason for applying to APU, etc.) [Form 2] Please submit the document as a Microsoft Word file.

(3) The names, affiliation/positions, and contact information for two references whom we may ask about the candidate. [Any Format] Please submit the document as a Microsoft Word file.

[Notes and Warnings]
• Please download the prescribed forms from APU public call page on JREC-IN.
• We strongly prefer that applicants submit the above documents in both English and Japanese.
• We strongly prefer that applicants submit the above documents in both English and Japanese.
• When writing your employment or research experience, if there are any periods of inactivity in your employment or research history, you may include explanations for those periods (ex: birth of a child, childcare, caring for an elderly family member, etc.).
• All submitted files should have [Your Name] at the beginning of the file name.
• We may ask you to provide additional details about your educational and research achievements as part of the screening process.
• If you are offered a position at APU, you will be requested to complete a health check and submit the results via our official form.
• Please note that we will be unable to return any submitted documents. Any personal information provided as part of the application process will be handled with the utmost care and in accordance with university regulations. The information will not be used for any purposes other than screening candidates for employment.

8. Terms and Conditions:

(1) Remuneration: 10,500 yen per lesson (a lesson is 100 minutes). A transportation allowance will be paid in accordance with university regulations for days on which classes are held.

(2) Teaching Hours: 8-10 lessons per week (planned). Details will be provided at the time of appointment.
• The spring semester lasts from April to early August, and the fall semester lasts from October to early February. However, you may also be required to work at other times.

9. Selection Process: Document Screening and Online Interview:

After the document screening, interviews will be held online. The interviews are scheduled to be held from late June 2024. The Office will contact eligible candidates with the details.

10. Please submit completed applications to:

Please submit documents by online application through JREC-IN.

① Please attach your [full name] to the heading of each application document file name.

(Ex.) 1. 【SATO Hanako】Form1-EN.docx

② Please add all application documents above to a single compressed folder. [Compression: Zip format / data capacity: 30 MB max]

③ Please make the compressed folder title your name in roman characters (half-width

alphanumeric characters).

(Ex.) SATOHanako.zip

④ Please apply online through the JREC-IN Portal.


• If applications cannot be made from the JREC-IN Portal, the data capacity has possibly been exceeded (maximum of 30 MB) or characters not permitted for use are possibly being used in the compressed folder title. Please submit the documents upon confirming that the data capacity is below 30 MB and half-width alphanumeric symbols are being used in the compressed folder title.

11. Inquiries:

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Academic Office

E-mail: frecruit@apu.ac.jp

Subject: “CLE (Korean Language, Part-time Lecturer)”
• Please refer to the APU website [ http://www.apu.ac.jp ] to learn more about our University


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