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Raisely helps nonprofits across the world bring their fundraising ideas to life. We're a purpose-driven remote team, spread across 7 countries and 17 cities.

We're looking for a Technical Lead to coach and empower a team of incredible engineers to build fundraising tech that improves the wellbeing of people and the planet. This is a role that'll grow your technical and people skills as you contribute to a platform that uplifts vetted charities that are working to save lives, save our climate, and support the most vulnerable people in our society.

About The Role

You'll be leading one of our product teams and working closely with designers and our customer-facing folks. This role combines senior-level engineering with leadership, coaching, and technical project management.

We're looking for someone for this role who has broad, senior technical experience and who has some leadership or management experience. What do we mean?
• You should be a senior software engineer
• You have... designed the architecture of new features
• You should have led the development of features in software products before
• You've pitched in to unblock your team and are comfortable figuring your way through uncertainty
• You've coached, collaborated with or guided a team either formally, or informally (but you don't need to be an expert people-manager or team lead)

You'll probably spend 50% of your time on code and technical puzzles, and the other 50% reviewing PRs, pairing with your team, ensuring your project is running smoothly, and running 1:1s.

You're also excited by the things we stand for and the prospect of empowering your team members to embody those values. You should be a clear communicator and leave your ego at the door (amplifying others is one of our 3 core values).


This role is full-time and permanent. You'll be expected to do 5 days/38hrs a week while you're getting up to speed, then after 3 months will be eligible to move to 4 days/30.4hrs as part of our 4 Day Work Week policy.

You'll be on-call 12 weeks per year. (In the last 52 weeks, the on-call alert rang someone's phone 10 times outside of work hours).


We can employ you in Australia, or engage you as a contractor with equal terms anywhere in the world.


For this role we're looking for someone who can comfortably cover 9am to 1pm Sydney, Australia time to ensure you have time to work closely with your team who are in APAC and the America's.

Realistically, that means we won't be accepting applications from candidates in timezones between GMT+0 to GMT+5.

What will you be doing?

Here's some things that you might've done in the past few months if you were here. (We're not expecting you to know how to do all of this on day one, as long as you're willing to jump in and figure them out)
• Keep feature development going smoothly by ensuring everyone knows what they're working on and why and is able to access the support they need
• Oversaw and pitched in to upgrade to our ticketing feature, which involved making sense of diverse and conflicting customer requests into an elegant solution, new test harnesses, and updates to our front end
• Scoped out some back-end service refactoring work that enabled the team to rapidly build a number of diverse integrations
• Enabled donation form optimisations identified by our Head of Data that levelled up charity fundraising out of the box
• Reviewed the performance of a recent deployment in production, to ensure the code is running efficiently and correctly
• Collaborated with design & our head of data to understand the needs and opportunities for a new feature
• Jumped into a cross-functional working group to realise an idea for how we embody our values
• Run 1-on-1s with your team to provide feedback and help them grow in their roles
• Read over PRs from within your team and gave feedback that grew their ability to problem solve and write high quality code
• Provided guidance in identifying the root cause of a technical support question from the customer support team
• Reviewed the last feature cycle with the whole Product, Engineering and Design team, creating space for honest feedback, and supporting the team to act on lessons learned
• Diagnosed an issue with our network configuration, liaising with technical support from our hosting providers


You're a solid, experienced engineer

You've been at this a while, and you've held senior roles in the past. You've worked across whole applications before, and have a knack for architecting simple technical solutions to complex problems. You're an experienced engineer in your own right. Experience with React/Node/Postgres is a plus, but not required as long as you've comfortable with making things work from start to finish (Ruby, Go, Python, SQL, CI/CD, etc).

You know how to get serverless platforms to work for you. You're comfortable debugging broken tests in the CI/CD pipeline, or figuring out how to leverage Cloudflare to improve performance.

You own your work

We want you to be excited by the opportunity to be an owner here. You take things in your stride, and love what you build. You ensure everything your team builds works well and you love to see things through. You're ready to jump in when there's an alert, and don't leave things to be someone else's problem.

You ship solid, secure code

You understand that we're not helping our customers do incredible things until our code is shipped, and so you're pragmatic. You can identify the right areas of code to polish, and when something just needs to get the job done. You help your team improve how they can move swiftly towards excellence while keeping an eye on security.

You Lift Others Up

You're comfortable giving feedback, and your problem solving skills don't end with the technical. You're excited about nurturing others and finding the unique opportunities to grow each member of your team. You're up for the challenge of learning how to engage a team around a vision for the product.

You Care About Making a Difference

Yeah, we're all here because we want to make the world better (nothing too big, just a utopian paradise where humanity is at peace with our neighbours, nature, and ourselves and we actively support one another to thrive together). You're eager to give thought to how an engineering team contributes to that vision.


You spend nearly 2000 hours of your life at work, each year. That's a huge commitment, so we can promise that every hour you're spending with Raisely, you're making the world a better place. Pretty great perk, hey?

So we can make this happen, we've made working here different. You'd be joining a fully remote, global team of compassionate, generous experts - from engineering to sales. We're async, avoid busywork and keep meetings to a minimum. We work 4 days a week, for full-time pay, and full-time productivity. Once you're up to speed, a regular week here is 32 hours.

Working at Raisely is unique. You'll be able to build a product that supports people working on the things that matter: health, climate justice, human rights, equality.

If you needed more convincing, here's the rest of it:

💵 Salary - Our salaries are benchmarked to similar roles in Sydney, Australia. This role will pay between AU$150-170k + super depending on your experience.

🌳 Work-life Balance - Working here is about getting your work done, not clocking hours. You'll be eligible to work a 4 Day Week at full pay once you're past onboarding.

💻 Technology - The usuals. We'll get you a laptop and screen when you start, plus help you set up your home office.

✈️ Retreats - Every year we fly you somewhere pretty for our team retreats. Our next one is in the Hunter Valley, NSW!

🗺 Annual Leave - Everyone gets 4 weeks paid leave plus 11 days of public holidays, to be taken when you like. Plus, you are entitled to generous paid sick leave.

🌴 Work remotely - We're a remote-first company - live and work wherever you're happiest. We'll cover a coworking space if you'd like to work there.

⏰ Flexibility - We'll work with you to figure out hours that work with you, and we're flexible when life gets in the way.

😌 Calm Company - ⅓ of us are parents, another ⅓ are parents to fur babies, and the other ⅓, well, they have lives too, so we strive to respect each others personal time.

🤷 Training - We'll support you with time when you want to learn new skills or pay for conference or course tickets.

We know with diversity comes strength. We want Raisely to be a team of many cultures, nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, religious beliefs, abilities, and ideas. We particularly encourage Indigenous people, First Nations, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with disabilities, or people without the economic advantage of higher education, to apply for our roles.

If you need assistance and/or a reasonable accommodation due to a disability during the application or the recruiting process please request that accommodation in your application


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