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At Rayankar, we offer you the opportunity to continuously grow in terms of knowledge and expertise. Our goal is to enter the international software arena and compete with foreign companies using similar software. We believe in the capabilities of Iranian talents and are confident in their ability to compete with foreign counterparts. Currently, our operations span across Iran, the Netherlands, Malaysia, and other countries.

The domain you will be working in is commissioned by Dutch and Malaysian companies, focusing on financial services.

Required Skills:
• Proficiency in English language
• Mastery of all accounting processes
• Skill in calculating and recording receipts and payments
• Proficiency in real estate matters and administrative tasks
• Skill in calculating balance sheets and tax returns
• Ability to maintain official accounting records
• Expertise in budgeting, income, expenses, invoices, and other financial documents
• Capability to analyze trends in revenue and costs
•... Ability to gather and analyze financial information
• Thorough review of accounts receivable and payable
• Preparation of cash flow statements with proficiency
• Accurate record-keeping of accounting documents
• Comprehensive knowledge of accounting regulations
• Familiarity with common financial and accounting software
• Knowledge of preparing financial statements and reports
• Proficiency in using office software, particularly Excel
• Comprehensive familiarity with tax laws, social security, and labor regulations
• Mastery of salary and benefits matters, and preparation of insurance and tax lists
• Ability to provide company financial statements and profit/loss reports at any time

Additional Skills:
Familiarity with international accounting regulations
Familiarity with Xero accounting software
In addition to these skills, we expect you to have a strong work ethic, the ability to collaborate in a challenging environment, and a continuous improvement mindset. Moreover, a quick learning ability and adaptability to face new challenges are essential qualities we value in our team members.

This position is full-time and on-site (with flexibility


Apply - Fluent English) Senior Accountant) Iran