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Position: Consultant

Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI) seeks the services of a consultant(s) to undertake an organisational analysis of its Malawi team and programme to assess the structure and practices, and to make recommendations, to better enable IRLI to deliver its important work through its flagship programme. Particular importance is to be placed on the suitability of the current management structure (and any need for diversification and amendment thereof) as an enabler or inhibitor of continued delivery and measured growth.

About IRLI

IRLI is a project-orientated, non-profit rule of law initiative founded in 2007 and incorporated in 2009 by the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar of Ireland. The Law Society of Northern Ireland and the Bar of Northern Ireland joined the organisation in 2015. IRLI has collaborated with academics, judges, legal practitioners, policymakers, and civil society around the world to advance collective knowledge of the relationship between rule... of law, democracy, sustained economic development and human rights.

IRLI originated in recognition of the increased emphasis placed on the rule of law in development aid and in response to the number of requests for assistance received involving the rule of law. IRLI believes that members of the Irish and Northern Irish legal professions have a significant role to play in enhancing the rule of law and shaping the progress of fragile societies. IRLI seeks to harness the skills of Irish, Northern Irish, and international lawyers to use the law as a means of tackling global injustice and empowering all people to live in a society free from inequality, corruption, and conflict.

IRLI provides programmes and projects in resource-constrained countries which are designed to enhance the provision and protection of human rights, democracy, good governance, and the promotion of the rule of law.

The organisation’s programmes are collaborative and responsive to local needs. IRLI works with local partners and through alliances to achieve its objectives. IRLI’s partners include government agencies, members of the legal professions, members of the judiciary, bar associations, legal academics, and civil society groups in the countries in which it operates.

About IRLI – Malawi

IRLI’s biggest programme is in Malawi, where we have been working since 2011. The current iteration of the programme works towards two specific objectives: to improve access to justice for adults and children; and to strengthen institutional capacity, coordination, and accountability throughout the criminal justice system.

Across these two objectives, IRLI works to improve access to justice for the duration of an accused person’s criminal justice journey. IRLI, therefore, promotes respect for human rights and the rule of law from the point of arrest to sentence.

IRLI lawyers are seconded to the principal institutional actors in the criminal justice system on the basis of MOUs: the Malawi Police Service, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Legal Aid Bureau, and the judiciary. The lawyers work alongside their Malawian counterparts to build capacity, provide support and to respond to gaps and areas in need of improvement.

The IRLI Malawi team, through its Alternative Justice Programme Officer, also operates a child diversion programme called “Mwai Wosinthika”, which means “Chance for Change”. During the programme, children who have come into conflict with the law come to work with social workers from the Ministry of Gender, Community Development, and Social Welfare where they learn life skills and methods of changing their behaviour.

IRLI’s holistic approach to access to justice enables the programme to target each component of the justice system and ensures that the promotion of cooperation and coordination between key institutions is a consistent thread running through all IRLI’s activities. Our work in Malawi is supported by the Embassy of Ireland in Malawi and by the European Union through the EU Delegation to Malawi.


In order to improve our capabilities, maximise the delivery of a high-quality service to our stakeholders, and be well-placed to execute our current (and potential future) work, an organisational analysis and review should be carried out of IRLI’s Malawi team. This review would consider how IRLI Malawi might increase its impact, the suitability of the current model of engagement with stakeholders, and, particularly, the appropriateness of the current management structure within the IRLI Malawi team (and how the management structure within IRLI Headquarters in Dublin feeds into that model). The organisational analysis and review would also clearly identify any challenges and risks associated with IRLI’s current operating model and management structure and provide realistic options and proposed solutions to overcome these.

The findings and recommendations from the organisational analysis and review may be used to inform management restructuring of the IRLI Malawi team, feed into design and implementation of future programming, and support efforts to secure additional funding sources.

The organisational analysis and review will look at IRLI Malawi’s present set-up while also looking forward to the next 3- to 5-year period.

The organisational analysis and review aims to:
• assess the effectiveness of IRLI Malawi’s management structure with a view to the Malawi team’s current programmatic activities and potential future growth,
• assess the effectiveness of IRLI Malawi’s operating models,
• collate and analyse lessons learned, best practices established, and future challenges,
• planawayforwardforIRLIMalawiincludingassessingfunding,staffingneeds,and

improvements needed.

• Is the current IRLI Malawi management structure sufficient to enable it to best achieve its current programmatic commitments and for potential future, sustainable growth (funding and programmatic)?
• How can IRLI Malawi improve its work practices, procedures, and model of operation to move forward in an effective, well-structured, and sustainable way?


The organisational review will combine qualitative and quantitative data collection and evaluation techniques using the following methods:
• Desk-based review: The organisational review will examine relevant documents and content produced by IRLI including previous evaluations, programme proposals, work plans, annual and interim reports; the consultant will also research, analyse, and compare examples of other legal organisations with similar objectives and programmes to IRLI Malawi,
• Key Informant Interviews (KIIs): A set of KIIs will also be conducted with selected relevant key informants and institutions,
• Lessons learned/best practice workshop: Facilitate a workshop to analyse and compile lessons learning and best practice with IRLI staff and other stakeholders.


The organisational review will start in May 2024 and will take no longer than 21 working days.

Deliverables Expectations Timeline

1. Inception Report

An inception report will outline the key scope of the work and intended work plan of the analysis, and evaluation questions.

The inception report should detail the reviewer’s understanding of what is being evaluated and why, showing how each organisational review question will be answered including proposed methods, proposed sources of data, and data collection procedures. The inception report should include a proposed schedule of tasks, activities, and deliverables.

3 days

2. Data Collection

Undertake desk review, carry out key informant interviews and, if deemed useful, potential focus group discussions. Facilitate a ‘lessons learned’ workshop with IRLI staff and other stakeholders.

10 days

3. Data analysis and organisational review

Presentation of initial findings to the IRLI team followed by submission of draft report for review and feedback by IRLI (and the Embassy of Ireland in Malawi).

4 days

4. Final Organisational Review submission

The final report (maximum of 20 pages) should be submitted after incorporating the comments received from the IRLI (and the Embassy of Ireland in Malawi). The report should follow the below structure and lay out:
• Executive Summary (outlining the key findings and recommendations);
• Introduction(includingsummaryoforganisational review methodology and limitations).
• Analysisandfindingsoftheorganisationalanalysis and review;
• Best practices and lessons learned;
• Conclusions and recommendations.

4 days


The consultant(s) will report to IRLI’s Country Director – Malawi and (Acting) Executive Director. Ultimate management responsibility lies with IRLI’s (Acting) Executive Director in Ireland. Feedback and comments will be provided by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of IRLI, the IRLI (Acting) Executive Director, the (Acting) Director of Programmes, the

Country Director – Malawi as well as relevant Embassy of Ireland in Malawi staff and other relevant actors.


IRLI is expecting to contract a consultant(s) to work primarily remotely. The consultant(s) shall have the following expertise and qualifications:
• At least 10 years of experience in working with international organisations and donors, conducting organisational analyses and reviews and/or evaluating programmes with multiple partners with complex implementation modalities,
• A Master’s degree in social science, international development, law, or related field (or equivalent),
• Demonstrable capacity to deliver high quality outputs within the proposed timeframe,
• Strong analytical and report writing skills,
• Good interpersonal skills and an understanding of cultural sensitivities,
• Experience in evaluating or conducting organisational reviews of similar justice

programmes is strongly advantageous,
• Experience working in the developing world is strongly advantageous.


Along with their CV interested candidate(s) should submit:

1) A technical proposal explaining their comprehension of the Terms of Reference and how they would approach this assignment within the given time (3-page maximum),
• Two samples of similar previous assignments,
• A financial proposal outlining their expected fees and other expenses.

All documents need to be submitted by email to skiely@irishruleoflaw.ie and smchale@irishruleoflaw.ie by Sunday 12th May by 5pm (Central African Time


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