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Learning and Communications Specialist (Consultant)



Expected Assignment Period:

Roughly eight (8) days per month, from May 2024 through March 2025


CASA is an FCDO/International Climate Finance (ICF)-funded programme driving global investment for inclusive climate-resilient agri-food systems that increase smallholder incomes. CASA makes the case to impact and return-oriented investors for increased investment in agribusinesses that work with smallholder supply chains. The programme achieves this goal by:
• Demonstrating the commercial viability and investment-readiness of small and medium-sized (SME) agribusinesses with significant smallholder supply chains
• Helping investors to increase the impact of their investments through the provision of inclusive technical assistance
• Strengthening the socio-legal empowerment of smallholders within value chains
• Tackling the information and evidence gaps... holding back investment

For demonstrating the commercial and development potential of smallholder sourcing models, CASA focuses on catalytic interventions in the agriculture sectors of Ethiopia, Malawi, Nepal and Rwanda that support agri-SMEs prepare for and secure investment while connecting smallholders to commercial markets.

CASA’s work on research and communications is structured around identifying constraints, opportunities and addressing evidence gaps through research; shaping the debate on smallholder agriculture to influence actions of investors, governments and donors; and creating networking opportunities through events and stakeholder engagement.


CASA is recruiting in-country specialists in research, learning and communications support to enable the programme to learn from and promote CASA’s work as it enters the final years of the programme. Since 2019, CASA Component A has partnered with over 50 agri-SMEs across five countries. As such, it has a considerable amount of learning and knowledge which we want to document and promote to relevant audiences and stakeholders.

Previously, research, learning and communications activities had been centralised at the programme level with a largely international target audience. Now, CASA is looking to de-centralise this function to ensure that in-country implementation teams have the appropriate support to produce and disseminate content about their work through country-specific channels, particularly targeting in-country investors, agribusinesses and policy-makers.


The country-level Learning and Communications Specialists will primarily support the Component A country teams in producing professional content about their work and disseminating this through relevant channels to specific stakeholders to be identified. They will also support Component C activities as necessary, e.g., with learning products and processes.


The duties and responsibilities of the Learning and Communications Specialist will be demand-driven based on the needs of the Component A country teams. Tasks likely to arise include:
• At country level, identify target partners and stakeholders and appropriate means of reaching them with CASA learning and communications products, and disseminate CASA learning and results in-country to partners and stakeholders, through appropriate local channels
• Maintain relationships with FCDO-post communications staff to ensure a coordinated approach to communicating CASA’s work, especially regarding the country-level dissemination of learning products (e.g., learning papers)
• Collaborate (with Components A and C, and MEL team) on the standardisation of templates for case studies, stories of change and other learning products, and familiarize them with CASA teams, particularly with Market Managers and Junior Consultants (Market Analysts/Facilitators), and project focal points for efficient collection of data /evidence in a timely manner
• Work with Component A and C teams to gather data and write country-level learning products, including case studies and stories of change
• Work with Component C to identify and manage sub-contracted researchers in-country for learning paper inputs
• Maintain a learning log in communication with the country team and Component C, on any policy/investment decisions or engagements, and evidence of systemic change
• Facilitate, with support from Component A and C teams, the design of communications products such as investment profiles for individual agri-SME partners
• Support country teams as necessary in organising events that involve public attendance
• Contribute to the CASA website through blog posts on CASA country activities (at least one every three months)
• Monitor country-specific website content for needed changes
• Maintain in-country social media presence where/if appropriate, driving visitors to the CASA website and promoting our work through the most appropriate platforms, and
• Participate in regular meetings with country teams, Component C colleagues and monthly adaptive learning sessions to disseminate evidence and learnings, and to ensure effective coordination.


By end of June 2024, work with Components A and C teams to produce a two-page country-level communications plan, with priority tasks through to March 2025, including (with reference to Section 4 items):
• Relevant partner and stakeholders and how to reach them
• Learning products (e.g., case studies and stories of change)
• Communications products required by Component A teams
• Events that CASA should contribute to, and
• Relevant website content and social media channels for promoting CASA work in-country.

Specific deliverables will be agreed upon on a monthly basis with the CASA Learning and Communications Lead.

• Line Managers: Innocent Thindwa, Country Intervention Manager and William Savage, CASA Learning and Communications Lead
• Duration: May 2024 – March 2025, with possibility of extension through March 2026
• Maximum days: Approximately 88 over 11 months, TBC at contracting stage

• Experience with field-based qualitative research approaches and communications methods within international development or agriculture sector
• Experience in content creation within the international development sector, including social media, website content, and written outputs (with examples), and
• Knowledge of software for producing professionally-designed content (with examples).


Interested candidates should send an Expression of Interest no more than 7 pages long broken down as follows;
• A maximum of 1 page EOI submission letter providing an overview of the candidate’s suitability for the role and their preferred daily rate expressed in
• A maximum of 3 pages outlining a proposed methodology according to their understanding of the assignment and its requirements.
• A maximum of 3 pages Curriculum Vitae/Resume outlining only the relevant qualifications, experience and attributes for the role. Emphasis should be placed on similar consultancy assignments carried out by the candidate in the past 7 years.

Applications to be sent to rhch@niras.com with title of the position being applied for in the subject line by 15thMay 2024 – Late applications will not be accepted


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