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Job Position: HVAC Service Engineer
Salary - RO 350-400 Experience - 8 Years Location - OMAN
Vacancy - 3

Position Overview: As an HVAC Service Engineer, you will be responsible for the efficient servicing, troubleshooting, and execution of service contracts related to various HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems including chillers, VRV systems, and central air conditioning systems. Your expertise will contribute to ensuring optimal performance and functionality of HVAC systems, meeting client requirements and industry standards.

Main Responsibilities:
• Perform routine servicing, maintenance, and repair tasks on HVAC systems to ensure their efficient operation and longevity.
• Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with HVAC systems, identifying root causes and implementing effective solutions promptly.
• Execute service contracts in adherence to specified timelines and quality standards, ensuring client satisfaction and contract compliance.
• Undertake refurbishment... works as necessary, including upgrades, replacements, and improvements to HVAC systems, following engineering principles and safety protocols.
• Provide technical support and guidance to clients and internal teams regarding HVAC systems, offering insights and recommendations for optimal performance.
• Maintain accurate records of service activities, including service reports, work orders, and equipment documentation, for reference and auditing purposes.
• Interact with clients professionally, addressing inquiries, discussing project requirements, and providing updates on service activities as required.

• Bachelor's degree in Engineering (B. Tech) with a minimum of 5 years of experience OR Diploma in Engineering with a minimum of 8 years of experience specifically as an HVAC Service Engineer.
• Comprehensive understanding of HVAC systems, including chillers, VRV systems, and central air conditioning systems, gained through hands-on experience and formal education.

Skills Required:
• Demonstrated expertise in servicing, troubleshooting, and maintaining HVAC systems, with a strong grasp of engineering principles and best practices.
• Proven ability to analyze complex technical issues, identify solutions, and implement effective troubleshooting strategies to resolve problems efficiently.
• Meticulous approach to work, ensuring accuracy and precision in service tasks, documentation, and quality control measures.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to articulate technical information clearly and concisely to diverse stakeholders.
• Capacity to collaborate effectively with colleagues, clients, and external stakeholders, fostering positive working relationships and achieving collective goals.
• Strong organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize tasks, manage workloads efficiently, and meet deadlines in a dynamic work environment.
• Flexibility to adapt to changing priorities, project requirements, and client needs, while maintaining a high standard of workmanship and professionalism.
• Required forModern Gulf Technical Trading & Contracting, Oman, Required only candidates willing to Travel Immediately.​

• Duty 10 Hours
• Weekly 6 Days Week,
• Contract 24 Months
• Agreement Minimum 4 Years Work Agreement.
• Accommodation Company Provided
• Iqama Company Provided
• Unmentioned Terms As Per Oman Labor Laws


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