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This a Full Remote job, the offer is available from: Turkey, Belarus, Poland, Romania, Russia

Product & Company
Improvado is a modern data stack SaaS company, headquartered in San Francisco, with offices across the globe. We are building the AI Agent for marketing and analytical tasks. Our clients are Activision, Docker, CoinBase and other big companies. We have built one of the world's first agents that already really works and brings value to clients.

Improvado Values

High-Velocity Delivery. We operate in a high-energy, high-velocity environment where speed is married to efficiency. Rapid execution and delivery aren't mere buzzwords but inherent aspects of our work ethic. To stay at the forefront of the market, we need to consistently outperform by exemplifying the qualities of a '10X developer'.

A Culture of A-playeers. Our team is composed strictly of 'A-players' who abide by responsibility and accountability for their actions. We believe in the innate drive of such... individuals and don't entertain micromanagement. Our A-players flourish when equipped with an exciting product and a high-quality team to accelerate execution.

Pioneering AI Products. AI is at the core of our interest and operation, and we are proud to be forging the path in this captivating field. We've successfully built an industry-first AI agent for enterprises, a product that's not just an idea, but a functioning technology in production settings. This AI agent is actively creating value and transforming the way businesses operate. Despite the complexity and occasional uncertainties, we assure you that this environment will be the most stimulating workspace you'll ever find.

About you
-You don’t struggle to overtime
-You don’t struggle to open backend and be able help current team with it on very low level
-You able to take responsibility and ownership for the part of your work
-You are hustler and want to ship fast
-You are not someone who needs to be micromanaged
-You are proactive and ready to participate in startup chaotic environment
-You have common sense

Responsibilities and Duties
- Build and maintain front-end for Improvado's marketing analytics SaaS platform
- Implement new functionalities based on specifications
- Write test using react-testing-library
- Collaboration with UX designers and product owners to come up with intuitive user interfaces
- Write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code.
- Optimize web performance to ensure a fast and responsive user experience
- Troubleshoot and debug issues as they arise
- Collaborate with the back-end team to integrate with the server-side logic
- Participate in code reviews and contribute to overall codebase improvements
- Participate in Agile development methodology, including daily stand-ups, sprint planning, and retrospectives

-3 years of experience in frontend development
-Experience in front-end development with a strong understanding of Typescript, React, HTML, CSS, and Webpack
-Experience with functional components and hooks
-Familiarity with Jest and/or React Testing Library
-Experience working with TanStack Query (FKA React Query)
-Strong understanding of SOLID and clean architecture principles
-Experience working with Git and version control systems
-Strong understanding of web performance optimization techniques
-Ability to write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code
-Good understanding of testing frameworks and automation testing
-Understanding of web accessibility and cross-browser compatibility
-Experience with Agile software development methodologies

Nice to have
-Experience with LLMs (GPT, Anthropic, Llama etc.)
-Experience in building Distributed systems Architecture
-Practical experience in DDD
-Experience with Asyncio

Why Improvado
- Remote OK
- Strong product/market fit: marketing data product for US-based enterprises
- Ideal time & stage to benefit from companies growth - just got Series A :)
- Opportunity to get the company's stock options in the future
- Comfortably built workflow and engineering processes
- Strong engineering culture
- Modern stack
- Constant salary indexation and clear development roadmap

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