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Perform fire suppression and prevention, and respond to emergencies, i.e. hydrocarbon, toxic, gas release, rescue, etc., within the assigned premises for the necessary lifesaving, hazards control, and asset protection activities, as per the company practices, and in line with the Officer (Fire & Rescue) directions.Carry out daily maintenance and test work on firefighting, safety and emergency equipment, appliances, tools, vehicles and station premises, such as cleaning, painting, replacing, repairing, washing, drying, etc.Perform the rescue activities, prioritize the lifesaving at the time of incidents while preventing and minimizing property damage resulting of emergencies; i.e. fire, gas release, etc.Perform basic first-aid case to the injured persons in the scene, and initiate the proper immediate care to different types of accidents and injuries.Maintain up-to-date knowledge of first-aid treatments, and participate in the artificial respiration to injured persons for types of... injuries; i.e. fire, smoke, toxic gas, etc.Carry out firefighting activities in different situations; i.e. oil, toxic gas release, property fires, vehicle extrication, etc. in line with the firefighting practices.Perform firefighting duties such as preventing, controlling and extinguishing fires, and apply firefighting techniques; i.e. ventilating burning buildings, salvage operations, area inspection, etc., to assess and assure proper assessment of hazards, and support suppression activities.Participate in routine training and drill on fire prevention, rescue technique, and safe handling of firefighting equipment.Inspect the area after completion of the emergency handling to ensure fulfilment, and switch off equipment and reload it back for future activities.Respond to all alarms, communication and notifications; fire alarms, toxic gas detectors, emergency calls, etc., to ensure that emergencies reality, and some details.Carry out hazards control activities and evacuation to ensure reducing the possibilities of severity of encountered situations.Attend the emergency Incidents and prevents the damage of life and property from Hydrocarbon Fires, Aircraft Incidents, Casualty Handling, Rescue Incidents, Chemical Spillage and Marine Incident.Recommend, advise, and communicate any potential unsafe act in using certain chemicals, gases, etc., in certain zones of operations; i.e. hot work, workshops, etc.Support as standby and hot work stand-by duties using firefighting equipment, breathing apparatus and specialist rescue equipment during plant routine maintenance and project works.Participate in watch activities in assigned area; project, asset, zone, etc., to report and address acts and other feedback.Carry out basic maintenance and painting of equipment; fire equipment, washes, hangs hoses, fire truck equipment, etc. to sustain and ensure operability.Maintain the emergency response, firefighting and assigned equipment for HSE or plant, to ensure availability and operability all time; fire hoses, extinguishers, foam testing, reticulation system, breathing apparatus, resuscitation equipment, hydrants and isolation valves etc.Operate and refill the firefighting machines and equipment to ensure readiness; i.e. powder, CO2 and Nitrogen re-filling machines, etc. according to safe operating procedure.Carry out equipment and tools inspection to ensure the operating condition; i.e. hose testing, winding machines, etc. according to safe operating procedure for testing and maintenance.Clean fire station premises, flush and check and replenish stationary foam tanks, prepares equipment for drills, and lubricates hydrants and isolation valves.Undergo physical fitness training on daily and weekly basis to ensure self-health and physical ability to carry out activities.Check and inspect the fire and safety equipment in the assigned area or premises; i.e. CO2, Deluge, Rim, etc. to ensure operating condition, and report any deviation for the necessary corrective actions.Oversee the contractors and employees activities, and ensure proper jobs in accordance with "permit to work" system.Carry out control-room duties; i.e. observing the annunciator panel in the fire station, informing and communicating alarm situations, etc.Train and drill regularly on fire prevention, firefighting and safety equipment, maintenance and general rescue techniques.Implement and comply with all relevant functional policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures, to accomplish operational objectives.Provide on-the-job Training to meet Competency Based Training programs for UAE Nationalization.Innovation and Continuous ImprovementContribute to the identification of areas and opportunities for continuous improvement in the operating procedures and functional processes.Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures, controls, applicable legislation, and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Standards.Participate in Emergency Response duties as a team member. Minimum years of experience: 5 years as fire fighter, with experience in Oil & Gas Industry or hazardous chemical industry preferred.Should hold a UAE driving license, either HGV or Light, HGV is preferred
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


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