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We are looking for hard-working & adventurous allied Health who wish to advance their careers by joining overseas hospitals to gain international experience.


To provide both scientific and technical support to the Radiotherapy Department and to those departments that utilises ionising radiation in the course of their work. To provide advice on other matters relating to Medical Physics e.g. non-ionizing radiation, if able to do so. To provide clinical assistance was required particularly in the administration of radioactive substances for therapeutic purposes and also for brachytherapy administrations. To provide administrative support to the Head of Medical Physics as and when required.

• BSc degree in Physical Science from an accredited program or equivalent.
• AND MSc degree in Radiation Physics or Medical Physics from an accredited program or equivalent.
• PH. D. related to Medical Physics from an accredited program or equivalent... (Desired)

Experience Post Qualifications:
• Minimum Six (6) years of experience in Radiation or Medical Physics at Acute Care Hospital
• Evidence of progressive leadership and management experience in a clinical position
• Experience in a Modern Radiation Oncology Practice


Valid and in a good Standing License in current country of practice

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Facilitates and writes policies and procedures for the department of medical physics
• Assists in the clinical administration of radioactive isotopes and assess the dosimetry as required by the Attending Physician or Head of Medical Physics
• Consults with the radiotherapist in devising an appropriate treatment regimen for each patient and supervises the work of the medical physicists assigned to the planning areas
• Participates in the routine quality assurance of all equipment used for the planning of radiotherapy patients and regularly produces reports to show that this has been done
• Undertakes to develop computer programs for use within the medical physics service
• Analysis work of the mold room technician to ensure that shells, compensators and shielding blocks meet the required standards of accuracy
• Reports to the Head of Medical Physics and provides administrative support to the Head of Medical Physics and required to deputize for him while on vacation and at other times as required
• Ensures any new International standards of quality assurance and to put those standards into practice
• Assists in quality assurance of radiotherapy equipment when required to do so
• Advices on shielding requirements within radiotherapy and other controls necessary to restrict exposure in accordance with the Hospital Regulations on the Safe Use of ionizing Radiation.
• Coordinates and consult with the radiotherapists in developing effective imaging techniques for those patients undergoing radiotherapy procedures.
• Advices on equipment selection which may or may not involve the use of ionizing radiation.
• Oversees and supports in the tender evaluations and conducting acceptance tests
• Provides support for the computer systems for imaging, treatment planning and administrative functions within the radiotherapy department
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Apply - Senior Medical Physicist (Radiotherapy) Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates