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Summary Description:
A university in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province is seeking ESL teachers to join their team. The position offers a monthly salary range of 12,000-15,000RMB before tax, with 14 teaching hours per week. The package includes a range of benefits such as free accommodation, visa sponsorship, airfare reimbursement, insurance, and a travel allowance.

Compensation and Benefits:
- Monthly Salary: 12,000-15,000RMB before tax
- Accommodation: Free apartment with utilities and internet
- Visa: Z-visa sponsorship for native English speakers
- Airfare Reimbursement: 7,500RMB
- Insurance provided
- Travel Allowance: 2,000RMB/year
- Additional benefits for assistance in locating apartments, English-speaking coordinators, and direct school contact throughout the application process

Why you should apply for this position today:
- Opportunity to teach in a university in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
- Competitive salary and benefits package
- Support for settling in and ongoing... assistance provided
- Experience teaching English in a diverse and culturally rich environment

- Fluency in English
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Flexibility and adaptability
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- Cultural sensitivity and awareness
- Teaching experience is preferred

- Teach Oral English, Business English, Listening and Speaking, British Social Culture, and Cambridge Business
- Conduct classes of 20-40 students, with each class lasting 45 minutes
- Prepare lesson plans and materials
- Assess student progress and provide feedback
- Support students in improving their English language skills

- Native English Speaker
- Age between 25-60 (exceptions can be made)
- Bachelor's degree or higher
- Some teaching experience required
- TEFL/TESOL certification preferred but not required
- Open-minded and motivated individuals willing to work in China and explore a new culture

Similar Occupations / Job Titles that would be a great fit for this role:
- English Language Teacher
- ESL Instructor
- Language Educator

Education Requirements:
- Bachelor's Degree or higher

Education Requirements Credential Category:
- TEFL/TESOL certification (preferred)

Experience Requirements:
- Some teaching experience

Why someone should work in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province:
Nanjing City, located in the vibrant Jiangsu Province, offers a unique blend of traditional Chinese culture and modern amenities. As the ancient capital of several dynasties, Nanjing is rich in history and boasts a diverse culinary scene, picturesque parks, and cultural landmarks. Working in Nanjing provides a valuable opportunity to immerse oneself in Chinese language and culture, explore historical sites, and experience the warmth and hospitality of local residents. With its convenient location and robust transportation network, Nanjing serves as a gateway to other cities in China, making it an ideal base for travel and exploration. Joining this university in Nanjing City offers not just a job, but a chance to embark on a rewarding cultural and professional journey in one of China's most dynamic destinations
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