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**Introduction & Background**

Founded in 2015, Shift Accounting is on a mission to help dentists and medical professional build, grow and run profitable clinics. Our job is to provide our clients clear and accurate financial reports, as well as strategic financial and operational advice, so they have a robust understanding of their finances and can make the best possible decisions. Ultimately, our goal is to provide our clients the peace of mind they need to feel confident about their businesses and secure about their futures.
• *The Role of the Offshore Accountant**:
The strength of our Accountants is essential to our ability to demonstrate value and contribute to our clients success. We rely on our team of Accountant s to produce timely, accurate and complete monthly financial reports for our Canadian clients. We also rely on our them to share their on the ground insights into our technical processes with Shifts Management, so that we can constantly learn, improve and do better.
•... *Scope of Work: Tasks & Deliverables**

You will be part of a production team of 8-12 Accountant s that reports to one of Shifts Production Managers. You will be responsible for all bookkeeping and production of monthly financial reports for a specific portfolio of clients. You will also be responsible for producing year-end financial statements for each of your clients. The total number of clients assigned to you will vary, depending on the size and scope of work involved for each client, to ensure you have a manageable workload.

Your tasks and deliverables for each client will generally include:
• *Producing monthly financial reports by**
- Reconciling bank and credit card transactions, and preparing bank reconciliations
- Reconciling insurance and patient payments, and preparing collection reports
- Booking monthly production entries
- Preparing profit & loss statements and related financial reports, and reviewing them for accuracy and completion before sending them to the Production Manager for review
• *Year-end financial reporting**
- Conducting a thorough review of each client file to ensure all items have been fully reconciled, all items have been coded appropriately, etc.
- Sending each clients files to their tax accountant for review, and booking any adjusting entries that are necessary.
- Saving and archiving all financial reports for each client.
• *Client Communication & Support**
- Responding promptly to client requests for items such as specific types of reports, cash flow forecasts, breakeven analysis, re-organizing accounts, etc.
- Assisting the Account Manager or Production Manager for each client file to respond to requests from tax accountants and financial institutions for information.
- Reaching out to the appropriate client contact for information and documents such as bank statements, missing documents, outstanding deposits, etc., in a timely manner as required.
• *File Management**
- Ensuring that all client information is appropriately organized in Hubdoc and SharePoint
- Ensuring that all financial reports are uploaded into SharePoint for each client
• *Providing Back-Up**
- Participating in cross-training on other Accountant s client files
- Providing coverage for other Accountant s on your team as required (e.g. when they are on vacation or are absent for other reasons such as illness)
- Keeping the Accountant (s) who provide back-up for you up-to-date about important changes to your clients files, etc.
• *Additional Services**

In addition to the above, you might be required to provide other services to your clients, such as:

- associate pay calculations and payment processing
- processing payroll hours
- preparing and processing A/P payments

From time to time, the Production Manager may request your assistance with other tasks and deliverables.
• *Working Together to Ensure Excellence**

As a Accountant, you will be expected to ensure excellence at every step of the production process, and to contribute to your production teams success by:

- organizing your work in accordance with your teams production schedule, and working conscientiously towards deadlines
- regularly communicating with your Production Manager about the status of your files and deliverables, and giving them as much notice as possible when you are running into challenges
- being conscientious and detail-oriented to ensure the completeness and accuracy of your work
- working as efficiently as possible by learning how to use and fully leverage Shifts technical platforms and software, and following internal standardized production processes
- proactively reaching out to clients to obtain the information and documents you need to produce financial reports on time
- keeping clear and thorough records of all client communications, and conducting regular file reviews to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks
• *Job requirement**:

- University degree in accounting, must be the English section
- Post grad experience 2-3 years, in
Buenos Aires Argentina


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