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• • Proven experience as a paramedic
• • Knowledge of medical procedures, terminology and medications
• • Ability to stay calm and make the right decisions in adverse conditions
• • Adaptable with a great deal of stamina
• • Excellent working knowledge of medical equipment and devices
• • Integrity and compassion towards human pain
• • Valid driver?s license
• • Certified CPR Instructor
• • High school diploma; Licensed Paramedic is a must

• • Operate ambulance equipment and respond to radio transmissions
• • Lead and coordinate the team responding to an emergency
• • Evaluate the patient?s condition on the scene and perform preliminary diagnosis
• • Attend to injuries or sudden illnesses by applying a variety of pre-hospital simple and advanced treatments (first aid, CPR, administering injections and oxygen etc.) or surgical procedures
• • Use tech equipment and tools to stabilize patients or provide immediate treatment
• • Monitor patient?s condition... en route to the hospital
• • Collaborate with interested parties (police, firefighting unit, doctors etc.)
• • Write and submit concrete and accurate reports on incidents
• • Adhere to established medical protocols and procedures as well as legal guidelines and health and safety standards
• • Keep abreast with new treatment and medical procedures through continuous training
Gauteng South Africa


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