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About Us:
• At VIRUNGA EXPRESS LTD, we take pride in being a leading player in the passenger transportation industry in Rwanda. Our commitment to providing safe, efficient, and exceptional service to our customers has fueled our success. To support our continued growth, we are searching for a dedicated and skilled Security and Safety Manager to oversee various aspects of security and safety in our operations.

Job Description:
The role of a Security and Safety Manager in VIRUNGA EXPRESS Ltd is critical to ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers, employees, and assets. The manager is responsible for overseeing various aspects of security and safety operations. Below are the key responsibilities and tasks associated with this role:
1. Security Planning and Implementation:
• Develop and implement comprehensive security plans and procedures for passenger terminals, vehicles, and other company facilities.
• Monitor security systems, such as surveillance cameras and... access control, to detect and prevent security breaches.
• Planning and executing preventive maintenance schedules for all vehicles in the fleet.
• Oversee and coordinate the repair and maintenance of vehicles, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulations.
• Collaborate with suppliers and vendors to source quality parts and services.
• Maintain accurate records of all maintenance and repair activities.
• Generate comprehensive reports to track key performance metrics and maintenance efficiency.
2. Emergency Preparedness:
• Establish and maintain emergency response protocols to address various situations, including accidents, natural disasters, and security incidents.
• Conduct drills and training programs to ensure employees are prepared for emergency situations.
3. Risk Assessment and Mitigation:
• Identify potential security and safety risks and vulnerabilities within the company's operations.
• Develop strategies to mitigate risks and enhance security measures.
4. Regulatory Compliance:
• Stay up-to-date with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards related to passenger safety and security.
• Ensure the company's compliance with all applicable safety and security requirements.
5. Incident Investigation:
• Investigate security breaches, accidents, and safety incidents to determine root causes and implement corrective actions.
• Maintain detailed incident reports and documentation.
6. Security Personnel Management:
• Recruit, train, and supervise security personnel, including security officers, to ensure proper staffing levels and competence.
• Develop and enforce security and safety policies and procedures for security staff.
7. Communication and Collaboration:
• Establish effective communication channels with Police, Rura, Emergency services, and relevant stakeholders.
• Collaborate with other departments, such as operations and maintenance, to integrate security and safety measures into daily operations.
8. Security Technology Integration:
• Evaluate and implement advanced security technologies, such as access control systems, biometrics, and threat detection systems.
• Ensure the proper functioning of security equipment and systems.
9. Security Audits and Assessments:
• Conduct regular security audits and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures.
• Make recommendations for improvements based on audit findings.
10. Crisis Management:
• Develop crisis management plans for responding to major incidents and disruptions.
• Coordinate crisis response efforts and communication with relevant authorities.
11. Passenger Education and Awareness:
• Develop and implement passenger safety and security awareness programs.
• Provide information to passengers on safety procedures and emergency protocols.
12. Reporting:
• Provide regular reports to senior management on security and safety performance, incidents, and improvements.
13. Continuous Improvement:
• Continuously assess and improve security and safety measures based on industry best practices and emerging threats.

A Security and Safety Manager plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the well-being of passengers and maintaining the integrity of the passenger transportation company's operations. This position requires a strong commitment to safety, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt to evolving security challenges and regulations.

The interested candidates should fullfills the following:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) or related disciplines with IT, mechanics and vehicles maintenance background is an advantage.
• Proven experience in a security or safety-related role, preferably in the transportation industry.
• Familiar with transport operations and related policies, legal and regulatory framework
• Strong knowledge of safety and security procedures, protocols, and best practices.
• Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.
• Ability to remain calm and composed under pressure.
• Attention to detail and a proactive approach to safety.
• Relevant certifications and training in security and safety are a plus.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Proficient in computer applications, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Job Experience: No Requirements

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months:

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree
Kigali Rwanda


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