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At Back2Life Clinics, we aspire to deliver excellent, consistent and reliable care across the whole team. Each of us will constantly be developing our approach, and yet at the same time, there is a need for common standards and procedures. At Back2Life Clinics, we have a standardised initial consultation and patient care systems to ensure all our patients receive consistently excellent patient outcomes across the whole team.
Below is an outline of the role and responsibilities of an osteopath/chiropractor at Back2Life Clinics:
Develop a thriving list of patients
• Excellent retention – consistently busy osteopaths/chiropractors have excellent retention
• Expert mindset, giving the best clinical recommendations and care
• Making each patient feel special, remembering them & what is important to them
• Bring optimism, calm and ease to each consultation, so the patient feels at home
• Being well prepared for each patient
• Clear treatment plan and re-evaluation (as per iO... recommendations)
• Patients are enthusiastic about their treatment program because the goals are clear –
• Avoid mid-treatment plan cancellations/self-discharge through the patient being aware of the next step and the goals of the subsequent appointment/re-evaluation
• Proactive management of non-rebooking new patients, DNA’s and non-rebooking cancellations following our systems
• Educate the patient about the scope of osteopathy
• Following up and treating secondary issues
• Advice is given on future check-ups or maintenance.
• Asking for Google reviews
• Saying thank you for reviews and referrals
• Timely and effective use of your google sheets
• Timely and efficient follow-up calls/texts
• Invite the patient to call if they have any worries
Patient Consultations
• To take high-quality histories, using our consolation process, to establish the patient’s goals and aspirations
• In-depth examination, understanding why the patient was vulnerable to the issue they present with
• Giving the best clinical recommendations
• Formulate a treatment plan and agree on this with the patient
• Effective treatment, using the best approaches for that patient
• Write up notes that are high quality, including objectives for the next visit.
• Re-evaluate the patient’s progress and feedback to them on the next steps
• Take charge of the patient’s care, review previous advice and exercises, modify if required
• Review ergonomics, lifestyle & exercise that is currently being followed and make sure it is in alignment with our objectives.
• Manage patients effectively, so they complete their treatment program, rather than dropping out when symptoms resolve.
• Offer to address secondary issues at the appropriate time
• When stuck, confused, or if is a lack of progress, seek a second opinion swiftly
• Run to time
Patient Care and Support – Proactive
• Follow up email with an outline of the agreed treatment plan following 1st consultation
• Post-treatment admin, letters, referral, links to information etc
• Follow up with expectant mothers when they have given birth, send card when appropriate to congratulate
• Follow up on non-rebooking NPs – On the day
• Follow up on cancellations
• Follow up on DNA’s
• If a patient is more than 5 mins late to call if the reception team are busy
• Check in with patients at difficult times, surgery, bereavement, illness etc
Helping the practice run smoothly
• Be on time for all meetings & well prepared with iPad/pen & paper
• Complete any practice admin within the agreed time framework
• Start and finish your patient appointments on time.
• Always leave your room clean and tidy so it is ready for anyone to see a patient there.
• Acknowledge emails
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