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Position Type: Independent Contractor

Project Type: Long-Term Project

Project Setup: Remote

Industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Payment: $0.15 per approved link. Payments will be processed via AirTM

About the Job:

We are looking for native-level speakers of Tena Lowland Quichua to curate YouTube videos across different categories. The project involves finding high quality content within specified categories, ensuring adherence to content guidelines, and providing detailed information for each selected video.

Scope & Responsibilities:
• Regular Rating: Evaluate prompts and responses as per guidelines.
• Validation Task: Verify the accuracy of previously evaluated content.
• Rewriting: Enhance the clarity and coherence of texts.

• Video curation: Search YouTube for engaging videos in categories such as film and animation, audios and vehicles, pets and animals, sports, travel and events, gaming, people, and blogs, commonly, entertainment, news, politics, how... to, style, education, science and technology, nonprofit, and activism
• Content evaluation: Review videos for speech heavy content without excessive music or background noise. Ensure videos are free from copyrighted material, offensive content, or hate speech.
• Quality assurance: Confirm that selected videos have been posted for at least 30 days and meet specified criteria regarding length and content.
• Channel management: Aim for diversity and selective channels, prioritizing those with fewer videos per channel to broaden coverage.
• Exclusions: Exclude videos related to video games, dance, weight training, YouTube shorts, or reels.

• Language fluency: Native-level proficiency in Tena Lowland Quichua and its cultural nuances.
• Attention to detail: Ability to assess videos for suitability based on specific criteria.
• Time management: Capable of curating an average of 60 videos per hour while maintaining quality standards.

About the Client:

Our client is an emerging leader in AI training data to power intelligent technology for global organizations, collaborates closely with Likha Careers through a strategic partnership. In tandem with an international network of contributors, they specialize in collecting and annotating data across multiple modalities with the speed, scale, and agility required by the enterprise.

Through its partnership with Likha Careers, our client remains committed to being an equal opportunity employer. The company ensures that no applicant faces less favorable treatment based on various factors including gender, gender identity, marital status, race, color, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, responsibilities for dependents, or physical or mental disability. All hiring decisions are solely based on evaluating skills, qualifications, and experience.

About Likha Careers:

Likha is a traditional Tagalog (Filipino) word that means ‘to create’ or creation. At its core, Likha Careers exists to help create a world where people of all walks of life have the opportunity to participate in a positive and rewarding career where happiness, pride, and financial security are achieved. We do this through thoughtful, people-centric career services.

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