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Please read all the requirements carefully before applying.

Waverley software is seeking a talented and experienced Fullstack Developer to join our technical team and drive the development of our projects.

• NodeJS Development: Take ownership of the NodeJS backend, including ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) efforts, and application backend development.
• React Frontend Development: Collaborate with the frontend development team members to design and implement user interfaces using React. Recommend and implement testing frameworks for frontend components.
• API Development: Create and maintain API layers, ensuring high performance and integration capabilities. Utilize AWS services and the use of Snowflake for query operations when appropriate.
• Database Management: Oversee the use of intermediate databases for calculations and data segmentation, ensuring data integrity and efficient retrieval.
• AWS Infrastructure: Lead and Collaborate with the DevOps team members to... define and manage AWS infrastructure deployments, including services used for ETL operations and data storage.
• Multi-Tenant Architecture: Design, implement, and manage multi-tenant architecture solutions, ensuring data isolation, security, and scalability for multiple clients. The candidate should be proficient in Node.js frameworks like Express.js and Nest.js, which are well-suited for building multi-tenant applications.
• Familiarity with QA Automation: Have a basic understanding of QA automation processes and the ability to work with QA teams. No specific testing framework expertise is required. Having experience in implementing in-code quality assurance practices would be beneficial.

Required Skills and Qualifications:
• Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field.
• Proven experience as a Fullstack Developer with at least 6 years of experience.
• Experience developing using NestJS in micro services architecture and NextJS with ReactJS for frontend
• Proficiency in designing and managing databases for calculations and data segmentation, specifically in multi tenant architectures.
• Knowledge of AWS infrastructure, including experience in deploying and managing services for ETL operations in a multi-tenant context.
• Basic familiarity with QA automation and the ability to work effectively with QA teams.
• Strong Familiarity with containerization technologies like Docker for testing in isolated environments.
• Excellent English language skills for clear communication with both team members and clients


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