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Posting Date: 2 Apr 2024

City: Roma

Location: Roma, IT, 144

Contract Type: Permanent

Division: Space & Defence

Level of experience: Intermediate

RINA is currently recruiting for a Italy System Engineering Consultant to join its office in ROME within the Space & Defence Division.


The system engineer consultant support the client to develop tailor-made system solutions that meet specific requirements and provide added value through design and process optimization and efficiency.

Key Accountabilities

Requirements specification, tracking and validation for radar communication systems and RF chains.

System Design: Develop a thorough understanding of system requirements and translate them into design specifications.

Component Integration: Coordinate the integration of various hardware and software components to ensure they work harmoniously as a functioning system.

Requirements Management: Define, track, and manage system requirements to ensure that all required... functionalities are implemented and maintained.

System Analysis and Optimization: Conduct analyses to identify potential issues and implement optimizations to enhance system performance and efficiency.

Testing and Validation: Develop and execute testing procedures to ensure that the system meets specified requirements and expectations.


Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering General

• Knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink environment (with a focus on Communications Toolbox & RF Blockset) for end-to-end modeling and performance evaluation of radio communication systems, radar systems, and RF chains.
• Experience in using Model-Based Design development techniques for auto-generating C code (MATLAB/Simulink environment).
• Understanding of RF chains, architectures, and related components, sizing, and link budget of radio and radar systems.
• Knowledge of electromagnetic wave propagation theory, radar theories and techniques, and radio.

• MAKE EFFECTIVE DECISIONS - Structure activities according to priorities, actions, resources and constraint
• ADDRESS THE WAY - Have a big picture of different situations and reinterpret it in a perspective way
• MANAGE EMOTIONS - Recognise one's and other's emotions and express and regulate one's reactions
• CLIENT INTIMACY - Embrace internal and external client needs, expectations, and requirements to ensure maximum satisfaction
• EARN TRUST - Take everyone's opinion into account and remain open to diversity
• PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Promote commitment by keeping promises as a Role Model
• THINK FORWARD - Capitalise on experiences and translate them into action plans for the future
• PIONEER CHANGE - Actively embrace change and benefit from the new circumstances
• BUILD NETWORK - Forge trust relationships, across departments, and outside the organization

With over 5,600 employees and 200 offices in 70 countries worldwide, RINA is a multinational player which provides certification, marine classification, product testing, site supervision and vendor inspection, training and engineering consultancy services across a wide range of sectors. Our business model covers the full process of project development, from concept to completion. The aim is to guarantee a project’s technical, environmental and safety - and sometimes also economic and financial - sustainability.

At RINA, we endeavor to create a work environment where every single person is valued and encouraged to develop new ideas. We provide equal employment opportunities and are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels respected and safe from discrimination or harassment of any kind. We are also compliant to the Italian Law n. 68/99
Rome Metropolitan City of Rome Capital Italy


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