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Monthly Salary: RM6000 to RM8000

Come join us as a Junior Mobile Software Engineer and be one of our competitive forces to disrupt so that businesses can focus on bringing out the best in their people.

Overview of Role

The Junior Software Engineer applies subject matter knowledge in applications development, possessing well-developed skills in design, development, testing, debugging and implementing software applications or specialised utility programs in support of end users' needs on platforms. He/she supports regular updates and recommends improvements to existing applications. He/She works under limited supervision to effectively deal with unfamiliar issues, and follows recommended coding standards and secure-coding principles to avoid security vulnerabilities. He/She provides technical support to the quality testing teams.

He/She works in a team setting and is proficient in programming languages required by the organisation. He is familiar with software development tools and... standards, as well as the relevant software platforms on which the solution is deployed on.

The Junior Software Engineer is a keen learner, and able to apply structured, analytical thinking to develop applications. He is a strong team player, who communicates his/her ideas and gets along with others easily.


Analyse user and business requirements
• Participate in discussions with stakeholders to understand user requirements.
• Conduct requirements analysis based on user requirements.
• Prepare requirements documentation, descriptions of interfaces, and functional and non-functional requirements.
• Assist in writing proposals and communication materials to pitch ideas.
• Propose new technologies for cutting edge platform development.

Manage the design of software
• Assist in the installation and use of tools for a project’s designated design strategy and methodology.
• Assist in architectural design tasks associated with use of standard notations, diagramming techniques, models, and patterns.
• Apply selected software design pattern to the design of software components or modules.
• Participate in software design reviews.
• Carry out static analysis tasks to evaluate design quality.
• Assist in development and use of simulation and prototypes to evaluate software design quality.

Manage software construction processes
• Perform integration testing as part of the integration process.
• Collect standard measures of code quality and size.
• Generate codes and systems from models.
• Create and execute unit tests for delivered codes.
• Achieve test coverage goals set by project and organisation standards.

Oversee software testing
• Identify unit and integration testing success and failure criteria.
• Adhere to software test plans.
• Assist with the development of the test plans and test cases.
• Implement the test environment and unit test cases, and integration and system test cases.
• Collect and analyse test execution results.

Oversee security provisions in software
• Follow recommended coding standards and secure coding principles to avoid security vulnerabilities.
• Adhere to project standards in the collection of security assessment metrics.
• Perform code reviews to identify security vulnerabilities.

Manage software management configuration (SCM)
• Assist in determining impact of constraints on SCM imposed by policies, contract, and software development life cycle.
• Provides measurement data for SCM measures.
• Assists in identifying software configuration items (SCIs).
• Generate, classify and manage problem reports.

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related technical discipline.
• Strong technical and analytical skills.
• Proficient knowledge of relevant computer languages for Android and iOS.
• Experienced with React Native and expo to build cross platform mobile applications
• Experienced with Javascript, and TypeScript language
• Experienced in building and deploying iOS & Android applications to AppStore & PlayStore
• Experienced in consuming APIs using REST or GraphQL
• Experienced in mobile UI/UX to deliver the best mobile experience
• Experienced with unit testing & UI testing
• Experienced with CI/CD to have automatic testing and delivery
• Familiar with Objective-C, Swift, Java and Kotlin language
• Familiar with relational databases
• Skilled in understanding document description languages such as JSON and XML
• Experienced working with teams using agile methodologies
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential for collaborating with various levels of management, determining software requirements, and delivering effective solutions.
• 2-3 years relevant experience in software design and development.

Our READY Values

We practice what we preach by living our READY Values daily:
• Responsible and Reliable - Every individual is a team player that knows their role, takes ownership and pride in their work.
• Equal Opportunity and Growth - Everybody has a voice in the company and is given space to grow.
• Authenticity - Giving and taking honest and constructive feedback by being genuine and respectful with everybody, giving credit where credit is due.
• Data-Driven - Make informed decisions based on sound statistical analysis.
• Youthful and Vibrant Culture - Get things done and have fun at the same time.

So, if you are a Maker-Doer-Creator-Fighter with an amazing personality and a team player, we want you!

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