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Hogarth is the Global Content Experience Company. Part of WPP, Hogarth partners with one in every two of the world's top 100 brands including Coca-Cola, Ford, Rolex, Nestlé, Mondelez and Dyson. With a breadth of experience across an extensive range of sectors, Hogarth offers the unrivaled ability to deliver relevant, engaging, and measurable content across all channels and media - both established and emerging.

The number of channels at our fingertips; the need for speed; and the drive for mass personalisation, all mean that brands need different solutions.

Our global team of over 6,000 craft and technology experts brings together creative, production and innovation to help clients navigate this exciting and ever-changing world of today's content experience.

A CGI Animator is a pivotal member of the visual effects team, specializing in creating and integrating computer-generated imagery to elevate marketing materials, feature films, and commercials. Your primary responsibility will... be to produce high-quality animations and CGI effects that seamlessly blend with live-action footage, contributing to the overall storytelling and visual appeal.

Key Responsibilities:
• Animation: Produce keyframe animations and animations using motion capture data, ensuring lifelike movements and expressions in line with the creative vision.
• Visual Effects: Generate and integrate visual effects to augment live-action footage, achieving captivating visual storytelling.
• Collaboration: Engage with Lead Animators, Animation Supervisors, and other VFX team members, contributing to the project's creative goals and ensuring a cohesive artistic vision.
• Problem-Solving: Address technical and artistic challenges, leveraging creative solutions to maintain project quality and adherence to deadlines.
• Quality Assurance: Perform self-directed quality checks, refining animations and CGI effects to meet project standards and client expectations.
• Project Management: Efficiently manage tasks and priorities to meet tight deadlines, adapting to changes and evolving project requirements.
• Continuous Learning: Stay abreast of industry trends and advancements in CGI technology, continually enhancing your skill set and contributions to the team.

Preferred Software Skills:
• Proficiency in VFX software: Strong skills in Autodesk 3ds MAX/Maya. Knowledge in Cinema 4D and Adobe Animate are considered a plus and motion graphics style skills is beneficial. Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop and After Effects for composing and editing, is advantageous.
• Understanding of procedural animation and visual effects: Knowledge of Houdini for procedural animation and complex visual effects is a addon.

Candidates are expected to have a combination of these software skills to effectively contribute to the creation and integration of CGI content.

• Proven experience in animating Products, characters and creatures, particularly for Ads and VFX films.
• Proficiency in Maya/3dsMax, with experience in additional animation software considered a plus.
• Demonstrated ability to convey character personality, fluid motion, and storytelling through animation.
• Familiarity with Motion Capture and Rigging techniques is advantageous.
• Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
• Effective communication and collaboration skills are essential.
• A portfolio showcasing a range of previous work and projects is highly valuable.

As a CGI Animator, your creativity, technical expertise, and collaborative spirit will be instrumental in bringing imaginative concepts to life, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and enhancing the viewer's experience.


Diversity & Inclusion

Hogarth is an equal-opportunity employer. That means we believe in creating a truly inclusive culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion for everyone through our ideas, our people, how we behave and how we conduct ourselves. We strive to recruit people from diverse backgrounds and support them to achieve long-term success. This not only makes Hogarth a better company and place to work, but an environment where everyone can give their point of view, experience connection, enjoy opportunity and feel a sense of belonging.

We welcome applications from everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or belief, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, marital status, military veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability. As part of our commitment to making our hiring processes as equitable as possible, we are currently rolling out a policy which ensures that hiring managers review CVs only after they have been processed through an automated anonymisation system. This aims to ensure that all candidates are considered for interview based solely on their experience and what they can bring to the role. The solution, provided by MeVitae, scans and redacts CVs to reduce potential reviewer bias.

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