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The Chief Information Officer ensures the information system's alignment with group and company strategy, and is responsible for the design, implementation, and operational maintenance of the information system, along with its security, quality, and compliance with group policies as well as local policies, standards, and regulations.

To this end, he is responsible for marketing the IS1 and the IT2 Department, both within the company and externally if applicable.

He proposes to general management the major changes to the company's IS&T and approves them with the corresponding business functions.

He anticipates the necessary changes according to the group and the company's strategy and controls costs.

He proposes investments to make the desired technological leaps.

He ensures the information system is effective and manages risks.


Depending on the organization setup, the CIO can delegate one or several of these activities and tasks, while keeping... the final accountability.

Definition, supervision, and implementation of IS&T policies, within the group framework:

• Sets the company's strategic direction for IS&T.

• Advises and defines the company's IS&T policy.

• Monitors all IS&T activities.

• Allocates the IS&T department's resources (human resources, budget, etc.).

Promotes quality in relationships with internal partners:

• Organizes, leads, and monitors interactions between general management and the information system managers.

• Ensures the quality of the customer-supplier relationship.

• Defines and ensures compliance with service contracts and their Service Level Agreements.

Defines and implements a "make or buy" policy for IS&T:

• Negotiates, controls, and monitors sub-contracting agreements and their implementation.

(1) Information Systems: business applications

(2) Information Technology: devices, end user services, connectivity, hosting, cloud operations

• Analyses the market, evaluates subcontracting offers, and makes proposals to general management.

• Analyses performance and monitors sub-contractor quality.

Sources technology with procurement and the owning business function:

• Conducts RFPs with the owning business functions

• Contributes to the selection process

• Steers the selected technology supplier

Delivers IS&T projects:

• Ensures proper integration into the landscape

• Ensures project delivery according to budget, scope, timeline

• After project completion, ensures an efficient transition to run

• Ensures the retiring of replaced IS&T if applicable, to prevent cost and complexity inflation

Internal communications, motivation, and coordination of IS&T department staff:

• Defines and supervises the general management and organization of the IS&T department.

• Manages and arbitrates among multidisciplinary projects potentially involving geographically scattered participants.

• Implements change management actions for IS&T staff.

Supervision of relationships with external service providers and partners:

• Manages relationships with IS&T partners.

• Monitors relationships with external partner organizations.

Ensures IT security:

In accordance with group policies, implements the IS&T risk management policy.

• Ensures the reliability, confidentiality, and integrity of information systems.

• Ensures business continuity and disaster recovery readiness are aligned with business expectations.

• Conducts regular exercises to ensure company readiness.

Technological watch:

• Keeps an eye on the latest technology trends and identifies opportunities he then submits to the business.

Operational efficiency:

• Supports the business with automation and AI capabilities to improve their operational performance


• Ensures the IS&T environmental footprint is managed, including hardware lifespan, supplier commitments, etc.

Human resources management:

• Attracts IS&T talent and retains them

• Grows talent by providing training and career paths


• The company’s IS&T strategic roadmap

• The company’s information system

• The IS&T performance dashboards


To be adapted to local business practice.

Cost-effectiveness of the information system (total cost of ownership per serviced user).

Level of cybersecurity protection:

• Time to Patch, number of CVEs1 and with HR:

• Results of phishing campaigns (phish-prone score)

• Employee attendance to cybersecurity awareness training.

(1) Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

• Level of IS&T employee turnover

Systems availability level and performance

Project indicators:

• Timeliness, scope, cost, quality

• ROI (business value generation, cost reduction, risk reduction)

End user C-SAT or Net Promoter Score
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