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• Provide well-timed and accurate legal guidance to executives on diverse legal topics, including software law, labor law, partnerships, international ventures, and corporate finance.
• Collaborate with HR to manage employee and contractor agreements effectively.
• Lead the charge in intellectual property protection, encompassing patent applications and renewals.
• Engage in discussions and negotiations with external entities like vendors, regulators, external counsel, and public authorities, fostering trustworthy relationships.
• Ensure compliance with data protection laws (like PDPO, PDPA, GDPR), especially since fintech companies handle sensitive financial information. This includes developing and overseeing policies for data privacy and cybersecurity.
• Oversee litigation matters, including strategy formulation and liaising with external litigators, if necessary.
• Clarify legal terminologies and specifications for all organizational members.
• Uphold a... high standard of integrity and responsibility in all legal matters.
• Stay abreast of legislative changes, ensuring current legal knowledge.

• Oversee the risk registry, assessing and evaluating risk factors impacting business decisions and operations, while implementing efficacious risk management strategies and providing preemptive counsel on legal matters.
• Establish and monitor internal governance policies, ensuring compliance across all of the operating entities
• Organize and manage board meetings, including taking responsibility for the contents of the minutes and follow-ups required and working

Corporate Finance
• Explore and optimize global structures across various entities, including those in Asia, BVI, CI, and upcoming ones in the US and other markets, while managing corporate secretary tasks (including outsourcing where necessary).
• Manage agreements related to fundraising and mergers & acquisitions (M&A), aiming to reduce reliance on external legal counsel.

Technology business line
• Handle legal agreements like NDAs, SaaS, MSA, and SOWs, engaging in negotiations with clients and partners. Drive initiative to build a system of standardized building blocks for SOWs.
• Partner with management to develop strategic defenses in legal disputes and proactively identify potential conflicts.
• Define patent strategy and manage patent applications with IP consultant.

Asset Management business line
• Provide legal and compliance guidance concerning the company’s asset management subsidiary, ensuring adherence to relevant laws and regulations.
• Ensure strict compliance with the rules and regulations set by the SFC. This includes adhering to the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) and following guidelines and codes of conduct prescribed by the SFC.
• Monitor training programs (incl CPT) for employees on legal and compliance issues, particularly in areas like anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and other financial regulations.
• Establishing and maintaining effective AML and CTF policies and procedures. This involves conducting due diligence, monitoring transactions, and reporting suspicious activities.
• Establishing procedures for the efficient and fair handling of complaints and disputes from clients or other stakeholders.
• Making regular filings and notifications to the SFC, including disclosing any significant changes in the business that might affect the license conditions.
• Work closely with and manage relationships with external compliance consultants, where applicable


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