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The Big Picture:

The VCCP Partnership is an integrated communications agency set up in 2002 by Charles (V), Rooney (C), Adrian (C) and Ian (P), who founded the agency on the principles of simplicity, collaboration, un-preciousness and integration around ideas rather than channels. Their founding client was BT Cellnet, now more commonly known as O2 and the most awarded brand in IPA effectiveness history.

Across the Partnership, we work with a broad spectrum of clients from O2 and CompareTheMarket to easyJet, LinkedIn, Dominos and Cadbury. Our work transcends the marketing mix, leading everything from social media or launch campaigns to DM and web build.

We also provide very senior strategic planning for clients, customer journey mapping and helping clients to envision their future business, beyond just communications.


The VCCP Partnership has a unique culture, and we are looking for people who will make a positive contribution to this, therefore the... candidate must have the following attributes:
• A collaborative nature
• An entrepreneurial spirit
• Take pride in their work
• Have an honest approach
• Be un-precious and be able to recognise that a good idea can come from anywhere
• Take responsibility


So what do we actually do? Put simply we exist to transform the fortunes of our clients by challenging and disrupting the categories they operate in. It’s why we describe ourselves as ‘the challenger agency for challenger brands’.



We distil a brand’s purpose into just a couple of words that everyone can understand. No waffle. We call this a concentrated brand idea.


When we develop a creative concept to communicate the concentrated brand idea we ask three simple questions. Why will people talk about it? How can they get involved? What will keep the conversation going? If we can’t answer them, we start again. Because otherwise, we’re wasting time and clients’ money. And our ultimate aim is to create work that becomes part of popular culture.


We then create a brand world that transcends all media channels. A look, a tone, a behaviour that’s indelibly branded, instantly recognisable. Whether it’s broadcast, direct marketing, digital or a social media campaign, it should unmistakably belong to the brand. Indeed, we believe the strongest brands should live in a world of their own creating.


VCCP has a unique culture, and we’re looking for people who will make a positive contribution to this, therefore the candidate must have the following attributes:


We want to populate culture through bold ideas, so we need our people to be immersed in and curious about the world out there. Being curious about how our client’s businesses work, and how they make money is also crucial.


We’re not an agency with lots of set structures or processes and we thrive on getting stuck in. We want people who challenge the world around them. So people do well here when they create energy and dynamism around what they do.

They’re entrepreneurial self-starters who don’t fear change or movement. Or suggesting we do things differently.

They’re also able to move between the big picture and the small details at the same time. Everyone is encouraged to roll their sleeves up.


We’re always looking for things to be the best they can be. We’re not settlers, we’re challengers…got it yet? This means thinking about solutions, not problems. Trying to turn a no into a yes. So we respectfully challenge, question and collaborate amongst ourselves and our clients in order to get to the right place.



To be the best account management department in London where we challenge harder to make the BEST POSSIBLE WORK that populates culture.


We want people who…
• We challenge ourselves to be brilliant at the basics and create the right conditions for the best possible work
• We challenge others with our thinking on strategy and creative. We come to meeting ready to contribute, debate, build, and challenge to make the best possible work.
• We challenge ourselves, our team and our clients to make brave choices to ensure we have done all we can to make the best possible work.


VCCP Account Managers are the lynch pins of the agency. They are constant throughout the process of the day to day running of the account ensuring it runs as smoothly, effectively and efficiently as possible. They are the facilitators for ensuring the best environment throughout to create the best work.


The creative aspirations at VCCP are very high. Our Account Managers should be able to demonstrate outstanding creative judgement and, working with the Planning and Creative department, take responsibility for the highest standard of creative output possible. They shouldn’t be afraid to challenge the work to make it better. They are also responsible for helping to prepare inspiring creative briefings and client presentations and be able to present confidently and passionately when required. They should live and breathe our agency mantra ‘to create work that populates culture’ and should be relentless in their pursuit of doing this.


VCCP is famous for its strategic thinking, perhaps best demonstrated by O2, the most awarded IPA effectiveness brand of all time. Account Managers at VCCP are expected to input into the strategic process and have a well-informed strategic point of view based on a good understanding of the client’s competitor set, and wider out of category examples.


Our Account Managers build and maintain good relationships with the day-to-day clients at a junior to mid-level and are expected to gain their confidence quickly. It goes without saying that all AM’s at VCCP should be born multi-taskers and have the ability to spin many plates at the same time, whilst displaying charm and calmness to the internal VCCP team and client. They should be microscopic in the detail and provide dedicated support to the Account Director leading their piece of business.


VCCP Account Managers have excellent communications skills, both internally and with the client. They are born presenters; they have professionalism and presence with their clients and are clear and concise in all spoken and written communications both to the client and the internal team. They capture all client feedback and disseminate the relevant information, clearly and concisely to the wider agency and client teams as required.


VCCP Account Managers manage the crew on the ship. They sit at the heart of each team. They take the initiative and thrive on the entrepreneurial opportunities that present themselves, reporting directly into the Account Director. They are excellent at inspiring their planners and creative partners through the cycle of a given project. Process experts, they know how to make the agency work and drive the creative production process in partnership with their producer. They are born leaders.


VCCP Account Managers support the Account Director in the day-to-day financials of the account. They work with their creative production partners to keep track of production budgets whilst supporting the Account Director on fee’s, budgeting and forecasting. They have a good understanding of the client’s budget, but in keeping with the agency's entrepreneurial spirit, are always on the lookout for opportunity and growth.


Written large across the walls of the agency is VCCP’s founding mantra is ‘IT ONLY WORKS IF IT ALL WORKS’. All Account Managers at VCCP should have a broad range of skills to ensure ideas are conceived and delivered with this in mind. They are responsible for challenging siloed thinking by ensuring an idea is media agnostic and that it is a simple enough thought that can work across every consumer touch point.

VCCP DE&I Statement

We believe that DE&I is about creating a strong culture of inclusion within our agency, where everyone can thrive and be their authentic self. VCCP is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or ethnicity. If you require any adjustments during the application or interview process, please let us know via [email protected]
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