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Advise, sell new and used products according to the dealership's gross profit, volume and customer satisfaction standards.

The MAIN DUTIES are listed below, but the incumbent may be assigned to other duties.
• Welcome the customer, establish a relationship of trust and demonstrate a serious commitment to customer satisfaction.
• Help customers choose a product by asking them questions and listening carefully to their answers in order to clearly identify their needs.
• Explain to potential customers the performance of the products, how they work and their benefits.
• Describe any optional equipment the customer may purchase.
• Obtain the required information and complete all documents necessary to prepare for a sale.
• Negotiate the price and have the transaction approved by the sales manager.
• Notify the sales director of an exchange, refund or establishment of a credit note.
• Return 100 percent of completed transactions to the Sales Manager, along with all completed documentation... (insurance information, title of transaction, etc.).
• Prepare and adequately inform the customer in order to optimize the meeting with the sales director.
• Define and have approved by management and monitor personal annual sales objectives.
• Review and analyze your activities at the end of each day, week, month and year in order to organize your schedule more efficiently.
• Keep up to date with new products, features, accessories, etc. and their benefits for customers.
• Attend product and sales training classes as directed by the Sales Manager.

Tasks related to delivery
• Check sold units for delivery to customers before arrival.
• Deliver products to customers, ensuring they understand the operating features, warranty and paperwork to be completed.
• Introduce customers to after-sales service personnel to highlight the quality and efficiency of the repairs and maintenance offered by the dealership.
• Arrange the first service appointment with the after-sales service.
• After delivery, follow up on accessories, documents or other special requests promised to the customer to ensure that all their expectations are met.

Tasks related to monitoring and prospecting
• Communicate with customers within 48 hours of the sale to ensure satisfaction, resolve any issues and request references.
• Communicate with customers who have not purchased within 24 hours of their visit to follow up.
• Seize business opportunities. Solicit and seek new clients, on a regular basis, by making the most of various prospecting tools.
• Use the dealership's customer tracking system.
• Use the dealership's customer development system.
• Participate at the request of your superior in social or commercial activities.

Miscellaneous tasks
• Participate, upon request, in the unit inspection and preparation and/or refurbishment process.
• Collaborate to ensure cleanliness and order in the showroom and/or used unit department.
• Assist with displaying units in the showroom, parking new and used units.
• Sponsor new representatives.
• Attend sales team meetings.
• Present yourself in a professional manner.
• Perform other tasks as needed and as directed by management
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