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Job Summary:

Coordinate process controls to improve the quality of all goods manufactured for The Home Depot and related companies...

• Effective assignment of assessment, test, and inspection work can be achieved by using predetermined selection criteria and conducting evaluations of service provider capabilities and technical requirements.
• Develop and confirm assessment and audit plans that ensure that factories and products meet quality standards by reviewing all relevant safety regulations (e.g., American National Standards Institute or Underwriters Laboratories), industry trends, and past performance results.
• Continuously monitoring the quality of Private Brand products through analyzing customer feedback and product returns is essential for implementing effective corrective and preventive action plans
• The cost of fixing a failed system after an occurrence can be significantly higher than upfront investment in preventative measures and detection solutions.
• Collaborate with management in addressing challenges involving suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, merchandising, store operations, distribution, safety, customers, and other interrelated elements of the supply chain.
• The ability to analyze and interpret assessment, test, and inspection results is critical in determining the root cause of failures and non-conformities. By driving continuous improvement and best practices, organizations can maintain quality and improve their processes.

Physical Requirements:
• Primarily, the schedule is focused on being seated comfortably and having ample chances to change position. On rare occasions, there may emerge a necessity to move around or handle lightweight objects.
• Found within a comfortable and pleasant interior setting, unpleasant conditions are infrequent and not a major concern.

• One must have completed at least eighteen years of life to qualify for this offer.
• Possession of legal authorization to work in the United States is a mandatory prerequisite for any individual seeking employment.
• The knack to go beyond national boundaries
• Completing an undergraduate degree in technical fields such as engineering, material science or chemistry equips you with the skills and knowledge to design and develop innovative solutions for various problems
• The ability to speak and write fluently in multiple languages is a must-have skill for those who are involved in international operations because it enables them to better understand the intricacies of different markets and countries
• Experience in executing technical processes in a manufacturing facility
• Expertise in employing computer proficiency to retrieve, modify, examine and comprehend data sets
• The ability to go on international expeditions is an important asset to have nowadays
• To acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the job, a relevant bachelor's degree program or equivalent certification is usually needed.

• Proficient in the preparation of reports regarding engineering standards and evaluation of related issues
• The Job Demands a Minimum of Three Years in Manufacturing, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control Experience
• These methodologies also emphasize building an organizational culture that values continuous improvement and ongoing learning
• The candidate should have at least two years of experience working on complex projects that require managing different teams across the organization in order to achieve the desired outcome
• Any candidate applying for the position of a statistical analyst must have a minimum of three years of experience in the field
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