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Job Summary:

Prioritize manufacturing processes and products with lower product liability risks...

• In order to effectively assign assessment, test, and inspection work to service providers, it is necessary to utilize predetermined selection criteria and evaluate the technical capabilities of the providers.
• Create and validate examination and assessment programs that secure the quality of factories and products by studying existing safety standards (e.g., American National Standards Institute or Underwriters Laboratories), emerging trends, and historical performance statistics.
• Effective monitoring of Private Brand products requires the integration of supplier factory and product data, allowing us to better understand the quality of our products and identify areas for improvement
• Focusing solely on preventative measures can sometimes prove to be costly and ineffective if a company fails to realize the weaknesses or gaps in its prevention strategy.
• Provide assistance to management in analyzing and resolving issues associated with suppliers, factories, service providers, merchandising, store operations, shipment, safety, customers, and other aspects of the supply chain as needed.
• Through analyzing and interpreting the results of assessments, tests, and inspections, companies can gain insight into the root cause of failures and non-compliances, and use this knowledge to drive continuous improvement and best practices.

Physical Requirements:
• Most of the allotted time is spent sitting in a relaxed posture with regular opportunities for physical activity. At times, there could be a demand to move or carry minimal items.
• The location is nestled in a cozy and welcoming indoor space. Unwelcome situations are rare and insignificant.

• If you are younger than eighteen, you are not qualified to participate in this program.
• The ability to legally work in the United States is a fundamental requirement for anyone hoping to secure a job.
• The potential to navigate internationally
• A bachelor's degree in engineering, chemistry, or material science is a stepping stone that leads to numerous career paths with diverse opportunities for growth and advancement
• International operations require a unique set of skills, including proficiency in various languages and cultural sensitivity, which can lead to successful business outcomes
• Skillful operational knowledge in a technical or industrial environment
• Mastery in computer skills to obtain, process, scrutinize, and deduce valuable insights from the data
• The proficiency of global travel is a significant advantage to possess in present times
• The successful completion of a bachelor's degree program or equivalent certification in a related field of study is usually necessary to obtain the knowledge, expertise, and competencies needed for the job.

• Adept at reviewing engineering processes and procedures to guarantee conformity with regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks
• Employment in Manufacturing, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control Requires a Minimum of 3 Years of Experience
• Continuous improvement programs such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing require strong leadership support, proper planning, and clear communication to be successful
• The successful applicant must have a minimum of two years of experience in overseeing and coordinating cross-functional projects across multiple departments simultaneously
• The job opening for an analyst with a focus in statistics requires that the candidate has at least three years of experience
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